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Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

Want to practice and learn how to speak French with a native French tutor, at anytime and from anywhere? Thanks to the power of web audio technology and the ingenuity of a native French tutor, at now you can.

Years of travel, studying, and teaching language in Romania, Canada, Peru, U.S, Thailand, and Africa, convinced Evelyne Skorczynski (a dual French / U.S. citizen) the key to becoming and staying fluent in any foreign language is to practice listening, speaking, and receiving feedback from a native speaker whenever possible.
"Practice with timely feedback is the key to learning how to speak any language. However, the opportunity to practice and receive feedback is lacking or missing from many language learning alternatives, or can be very expensive." Evelyne said.
"Traditional language schools and private tutors offer a great way to practice and learn, yet between each class or session students are mostly left to practice on their own without the feedback they need to gain confidence and become more fluent. Self-study books and tapes are great for beginners and other limited applications, but fail to offer much feedback. While phone lessons or chat offer practice and feedback only when you are on the phone or online, and are simply too easy to forget."
With a professional background in web applications and teaching, Evelyne created to address these problems by offering French language students the opportunity to choose practice topics according to their own interests and needs, receive timely feedback, and unlimited conversational practice.
Site features include using a PC microphone and easy-to-use web audio technology to record and playback assignments, and email to automatically notify students of each new or newly evaluated assignment. "It takes just minutes to get started, and is very user-friendly."
French-tutor appeals to students of all levels by offering conversational, business, and advanced French courses, welcoming special project requests, and creating interesting and fun assignments. "The variety of materials for students to practice and study is virtually endless, from personal recordings, to clips of radio programs, texts and images, and supports a rich learning environment."
French-tutor pricing varies by course and assignments, with reputed savings of 50% or more compared to the price of private tutoring sessions, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.
French-tutor has received student registrations from more then ten countries on every continent. "It is amazing to reach students worldwide, and the one-to-one connection is very rewarding, as good or in some ways better then meeting face-to-face."
More information is available from Evelyne Skorczynski at (904)369-1232; P.O. Box 313, Bellingham, WA 98227;;
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