HotUKDeals & Toolbox Don’t See Eye to Eye

Published: Mon Nov 12 2012

The site has recently undergone a small website redesign that was carried out in order to benefit the site and make it easier to use from a social media aspect. The new social media plugins include buttons that allow users to easily share a product or deal with one simple click. So far the following social media sites are supported: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest and HotUKDeals.

Since the website update, many customers have been emailing in due to problems when posting deals to the large UK bargain website HotUKDeals. With several people claiming their deals were "removed within several minutes of posting" on the site and a couple went as far as stating their accounts had been banned completely. That’s right, banned – a 2 year old account banned for posting a deal from Toolbox.

After being made aware of this, the Toolbox marketing team and IT department decided to look into this further. Henry Briggs, Marketing Assistant at Toolbox commented: "It appears that once we post a deal to the HUKD site, no matter how popular it is, it gets removed. One of our huge sellers which had a big discount got up to 40° ‘heat’ on the HUKD website and was then removed. We’ve contacted the people who moderate the site several times to ask why we and our customers have been banned or had our deals deleted; each time we have been fobbed off with a generic reply which doesn’t answer our question. Brilliant way to treat people who are trying to provide a deal for the rest of the users on HUKD!"

The majority of customers who had faced a problem were in fact trying to share the deal on the latest range of ROK tools at Toolboxx. After a bit of research, it appears that other companies and many individuals have been subject to what appears to be unfair and biased moderation on the HUKD site.

"There seems to be a large consensus that if the website the deal is posted from doesn’t have an affiliate scheme, HUKD will subsequently delete the deal and on occasion go as far as banning the user. Apparently, if HotUKDeals don’t stand to make money from it, they don’t want to know..."

Although the website is designed to provide the people of Great Britain with the latest and greatest deals; many will be rejected even if they meet the guidelines set out by HUKD, simply because there is no profit in it for them.
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