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Published: Mon Nov 12 2012

As many people are currently aware, not every shower is blessed with a strong flow rate and a powerful spray. During the upcoming period of cold weather, it’s going to be bad enough getting up in the morning even with an invigorating shower to prepare for the rest of the day... But for those without a quality shower, the task of getting ready becomes even more of a mission.

Thankfully, for those that don’t have the power they want, there’s a chance to change that with and their pre-winter sale.

With over 50 different models of shower pumps from a wide range of manufacturers in stock, there’s a lot to choose from. Even for those really picky people who want a good looking pump that will never be seen apart from when the airing cupboard door is opened.

The sale is stated to run until December 17th as this will give the public enough time to shop, compare and order in time for Christmas. It’s questionable how much of a present a shower pump is, but the improvement in showering every morning might well be something to get excited about; even if the unwrapping part is boring!

The full range of pumps on sale can be found by clicking here.

Tim Thomas, part of the Marketing team at Shower-Pumps commented on the sale: "As the sale has just got underway, we don’t have much data or numbers on the changes it has had yet. However, we can say for certain that our range of Triton shower pumps were one of the most popular ranges before hand, so it’s likely that they will continue to be in demand throughout the sale. As such, if one of these models catch your eye, it’s wise to make sure you buy ASAP as they’ll likely be sold out after a few weeks!"

Click here to be taken to the best deals on Triton shower pumps whilst the sale is still underway!

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