SPAM - A Treasure of Scrapbooking Ideas for Scrapbookers

From: Scrapbook Radio
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

22% of all scrapbooking searches, completed on the internet, in October, were for scrapbooking ideas.
New and fresh scrapbooking ideas are at the top of every scrapbookers mind. Whether newbies or veterans, many scrapbookers have a hard time coming up with new and fresh ideas.

These addicts find themselves spending hours at online forums, hunting down the latest and greatest scrapbooking ideas and projects that they can do themselves. This isn't some crazy fad, either. Some estimates put the number of women who scrapbook in 1 out of every 10 families.

SPAM, although controversial, is one great, secret stash of scrapbooking ideas for scrapbookers. It's ironic that something everyone hates, can offer such exciting ideas for scrapbookers to use. Not only can they get ideas for their layouts, from SPAM, but they can find inspiration for gift projects and albums as well.

So, in their ever widening hunt for innovative ideas and concepts, SPAM may be a great untapped resource for scrapbookers.

Here's a warning, though, you don't want to top open your SPAM emails without a good quality virus scanner.

Here's a few more reasons your favorite scrapbooker might be interested in SPAM inspired scrapbooking ideas...

- Quick and Easy Color Themes and Ideas

- FREE Ideas They Definitely Won't Find Anywhere Else

- Lots of Different Page Element Shapes and Design Inspirations

- Different Photo Sizes and Photo Layout Options

This short list gives scrapbookers an brief look into a NEW source for inspiring scrapbooking ideas. You can get some sample picture inspirations at:

Christy Speer is a published scrapbooker who spends LOTS of time looking for innovative scrapbooking ideas herself.

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