BathroomWorld Announce Free Delivery on All Orders

Published: Thu Nov 15 2012

BathroomWorld has recently been a magnet for some big press since they gave away a catalogue in various newspapers around the United Kingdom. The catalogue was full of their best selling products, along with some extremely enticing deals which have led to a lot of orders being generated on the website and by phone.

As well as marketing offline through a variety of different outlets, BathroomWorld have also recently taken to online advertising as the E-commerce Manager explains below:

"We’ve always been passionate about online marketing as we run many other sites which rely wholly on online marketing to make a turnover. These are all extremely successful due to the nature of the online marketing environment; as such, it made sense to venture into the same area with the BathroomWorld brand."

"Since taking a leap into this field, we’ve noticed a significant increase on orders all across the board; especially on products such as bathroom suites and toilets. Maybe these are items that people are more comfortable with buying online; we’re not too sure yet, but there’s a lot of research and analysing to be done on our current data."

It’s always nice to see a business taking on a new form of advertising and succeeding. It’s motivational for other business owners as well to see that if the correct steps are taking, success and growth are just around the corner.
The latest online marketing test that BathroomWorld are carrying out revolves around the delivery process and pricing. Most companies who offer ‘free delivery’ will likely incorporate that cost into the price of the products – but BathroomWorld are actually scrapping it and offering a genuine free delivery service to benefit their customers.

There’s no specific date for the free delivery promotion to end, but it looks as if it’s set to run until the end of September at least. So, if you’re in the market for a bathroom suite, look no further and order in the next 7 days!

The BathroomWorld is hosted on the ever-expanding Online Home Retail network at present. The network already hosts close to 50 niche-specific websites (click here for more information) Online Home Retail Limited was originally Plumbworld Ltd back in 1999 and since then it has been bought by the Grafton Group PLC in 2006 and received a brand overhaul during 2012. The business now employs close to 60 people in its purpose built warehouse and offices whilst turning over in excess of £20 million per year.
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