Fast Track SEOP Introduces Novel Internet Marketing Program

From: Fast Track SEOP
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

Fast Track Ranking and Placement, an international public relations service provider, has developed a unique public relations program that affords local service providers, manufacturers, and companies offering niche products the means to get the attention of a local, regional, national or international audience whether they have a website or not.

What makes the company’s offering so unusual is that it optimizes its clients’ press releases so they appear on the first page of Google's natural search results in a week or less. This enables the company’s clients to not only get the immediate attention of 50,.000 - 100,000 subscribing journalists and consumers, they get continuing exposure because their releases hold first page positioning for up to six months.

A company with a website naturally has a distinct advantage when it comes to internet marketing but, according to Ron Scott, a recognized internt public relations expert, Fast Track SEOP's affordable public relations program levels the playing field. "A press release posted on the first page of Google search results can make the phone ring just as easily as it can be used to drive traffic to a website," Scott says.

"And Google placement is essential. Google drives AOL, Alexa, Netscape, Information, A9, Amazon, Go, Earthlink, Compuserve and search results. It also contributes to meta search engines and meta crawlers like Excite, Infospace, and Killerinfo. Together these search engines account for 65% of all internet searches," Scott says.

Regarding the relative value of top search engine placement, Scott points out that current research shows that the vast majority of all internet users put greater credence on natural search results than they do sponsored advertisements. "Pay-for-performance advertising has its place," he says, "but 85-97% of internet users ignore them altogether. Getting top search engine placement assures a business owner that at least 85% of the people looking for a particular product and/or service are going to see his/her release."

"Naturally, we think ours is the best internet based, public relations marketing program available on the market today and judging from the reactions we get from our clients, it’s the certainly most dynamic," says Scott who is affectionately known by his clients as the PR Guru Guy. "Most publicists make their living writing press releases for immediate consumption, not long term impact. Our releases are written as feature stories so they continue to be as interesting as they were the first day they are published and search engine placement guarantees that the will continue to be read for months."

Fast Track not only offers editorial and optimization services, the company offers an online workshop to each small business owners how to manage their own internet public relations campaigns.


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