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Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

Merging his love for fine wines and gourmet cooking, Tim Sousa announced today his latest website:

The website describes 38 of the most important wine growing regions of the world.

It also contains descriptions and articles about 32 distinct varieties of wines, a discussion on the winemaking process, and an informative section dealing with the history of wine making.

For example:

Evidence of wine production dates as far back as 6000BC, to early Mesopotamian culture. The Mesopotamians were the first known people to cultivate grapes.

The ancient Egyptians recorded the harvest of grapes on stone tablets and the walls of their tombs. The Egyptians loved wine and even imported what they could not grow. The Egyptian Pharaohs were especially fond of wine. Some of them were even buried with bottles of wine, in order to make their journey to the underworld more tolerable. Wine was a very social drink in Ancient Egypt and great importance was given to its production and consumption.

The Egyptians were not the first to grow wine, but they were the first to record the process of wine making and celebrate its values.

During Shakespeare's time, wine was very much a staple of the diet. Beer was a favored alternative, yet wine enjoyed more attention. It was during this time, when wine began to diversify and consumers began to value the concept of variety in their drinking. Citizens of Shakespeare's age clearly enjoyed drinking wine and began to discuss its virtues and pitfalls with greater enthusiasm than in the previous centuries.

By the end of Shakespeare's life, an abundant supply of fresh drinking water was available to London for the first time, and so the wine industry was moved into a new age.

Back to the present time,

The site is filled with much information for the wine lover. Most any wine lover is bound to learn things they never knew, such as why Argentina is a major supplier of "French Malbec" wines.

Along with descriptions and maps of the major wine making regions of the world, are also included recipes, wine art, and wine and information on how to pair the right wine with your foods.
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