New Eurosoft Sharetech Program Ready For Release

From: The Post
Published: Sat Nov 24 2012

Eurosoft are best known for their Sharetech End of Day Software Program that alerts users when to buy and sell shares on a short-term basis. The program has produced excellent results for many investors and was recently awarded the best trading software in 2012 by a number of leading industry analysts.

The new Sharetech Complete service is a return to the corporate work which Eurosoft built its reputation upon. The new system should significantly reduce the operational costs and delays associated with trading commodities. The Eurosoft Sharetech Complete real-time service will provide market participants with greater transparency and control over their post-trade activity. With Eurosoft Sharetech Complete, users will be able to accurately manage and monitor their post-trade workflows across the 160+ markets accessible through Eurosoft's platform immediately following the trade. Eurosoft Sharetech Complete will be seamlessly integrated with existing Eurosoft products and will enable users to:

• Clear – Users can see the status of trades in real-time across all clearing houses and counterparties on the Eurosoft network through one screen. Complete Clear is live and available for CME ClearPort, LCH, MEFF, NOS and SGX.

• Confirm – Users will be able to confirm standardised terms of a trade immediately post execution with up to 400 counterparties and 17 brokers on the Eurosoft network. Sharetech Complete Confirm will enable users to define their own confirmation processes and workflows to meet their internal requirements. This will improve efficiency, optimise workflows and reduce operational risk and the processing costs associated with energy trading.

• Report – Users will be able to report as close to real time as they choose to regulatory authorities and trade repositories. Sharetech Complete Report will be designed to satisfy REMIT and EMIR regulatory reporting obligations at the point of execution. Further reporting obligations and jurisdictions will be added in the future.

• Control – With Sharetech Complete Control, users will be able to manage post-trade execution with transparency and control. The real-time monitoring application will allow all counterparties to the trade to track the progress of their trade and immediately identify and resolve any questionable trades at the point of execution, significantly reducing operating risk and cost.

Mark Saxby, Head of Market Development at Eurosoft, said, "We are committed to helping the transparency and smooth operation of the markets. In particular this includes helping our clients reduce operational costs and meet regulatory obligations. The development of Eurosoft Sharetech Complete will give users the confidence that they are prepared for the evolution of the wholesale markets." He added, "A seamless and harmonised post-trade process is a key objective for our clients. When you can execute, clear, confirm and report through one user interface you ensure that overall workflows are optimised. We are confident that Eurosoft Sharetech Complete will enrich our clients' post trade processes. The addition of further Clearing and Trade Repository participants to our network in the coming months will further enhance the Sharetech Complete offering, and we hope that the new technology we have uncovered can be simplified and integrated into all our products including programs designed for novice investors".

With continued success and high demand for their products, the heavy investment Eurosoft has made into R&D has paid dividends for the company and their loyal client base.

Written by Susan Halliday - The Post - Online Edition November 24, 2012
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