Trend Towards Pixel Ads Heats Up

From: JPE Advertising
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

Shari Thomas, research and marketing specialist of maintains a database of the top 100 web sites dedicated to pixel ads where she tracks them by both Alexa ranking and Goggle PR.

"I've been tracking this movement since Oct 10. The traffic increases have been remarkable... Each week, my top 100 Alexa stats list shows ever-increasing traffic. The first week I found 5 web pages with an Alexa rank better than 100K. Most recently, there are 18 sites ranking better than 100K. That tells me traffic is definitely heating up."

Pixel ads, since late August 2005 have morphed into a whole new form. It's no longer chic to broadcast those big clunky 468x60 standard sized banners. Now, the graphics are as small as 100x100 and they're very compelling.

Webmasters and SEO folks wrestle everyday... how do you capture your visitor and make him stop, look and click?

To gain good search engine rankings, words are what drives that traffic. The search robots can only read words, and never "see" the pictures.

Joe Websurfer is much more interested in graphics... pictures. Afterall, a single image delivers 1000's of times more information to the human brain.

Most graphics take up a lot of space, not to mention, when requested for viewing... a lot of bandwidth, and that translates to high costs, and for many, slow web browsing unless you have high speed internet.

Pixel ads solve all those issues. They're very small, accompanied with a hidden text message that pops up on demand, and incredibly compelling. The best pixel ads are all bunched together on a grid. That grid may consume an entire page, or only a portion. You can see an example at

The best pixel ads draw you in with a colorful little image. The short text message qualifies you. You're either "targeted traffic" or you're not. It's that simple.

For the advertiser, when you click, you're already interested. This is paid advertising delivered economically. Ad space is purchased on a space rather than click basis, and generally for long term, at least a year and more often multiple years. Each click costs less than the first one.

Watch for pixel ads to grab hold in countless ways, from full page to banner and even to contextual advertising.

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