Ileostomy Surgery - “Is There Life Without ‘A Bag’?”

From: Ileostomy Surgery Information Center
Published: Tue Dec 06 2005

"Ileostomy surgery is on the minds of thousands of men and women who dream of living a ‘bag-free’ life," says Dr. Don Schiller, who has performed the procedure for almost 20 years on hundreds of patients. "A ‘bag-free’ life is much more than a dream," says Schiller, who founded the Ileostomy Surgery Information Center in Los Angeles.

"Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from BCIR surgery have no idea that an appliance-free life is a real possibility," he says. Schiller is counted as one of only a few doctors nationally and internationally who is trained to perform this type of ileostomy surgery.

BCIR is an abbreviation for a type of ileostomy surgery known as the Barnett continent intestinal reservoir (BCIR), named for the American doctor who during the 1980s developed this modern-day surgical procedure that creates a self-sealing internal pouch, which temporarily stores waste – and does not require the use of a bag or other external appliance.

"Most BCIR patients have had conventional Brooke ileostomy surgery and are dissatisfied with the external appliance due to physical or psychological limitations," says Schiller. He says other patients need to have ileostomy surgery to remove their colon and are seeking treatment options.

"Some people mistakenly believe a BCIR is performed for cosmetic reasons," says Schiller, "but this is not the case. After a BCIR, patients have control over the discharge of internal waste – and of course, they have the freedom that comes with never having to wear a bag or other external appliance."

Schiller says the most satisfied BCIR patients receive long-term personalized ileostomy care from their surgeons. "We develop a relationship. I want patients to feel comfortable asking questions before and after surgery – even years later. We stay in touch and I also communicate with their family doctors."

Schiller conducts live, no-cost teleconferences on a weekly basis. "Anyone interested in ileostomy surgery and BCIR topics can call in and personally chat with me," he says. Family members can also participate, he says.

"It requires no more than a telephone to join in this teleconference. I answer questions and provide information, and I don’t use complicated medical terminology. We keep it informal," he says.

For more information on how to participate in the upcoming ileostomy surgery teleconference, visit or call Schiller’s assistant Virginia Grant, at (310) 284-8332.

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Don J. Schiller, M.D., FACS, is a recognized authority on the BCIR continent ileostomy surgery and ileostomy information. He has operated on hundreds of ileostomy surgery patients from all over the world during his 30-year medical career.
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