Abu Dhabi to host Arab- LatinAmerican Forum

From: UAEU
Published: Wed Dec 05 2012

Latin America and the Arab world are two large and vital regions with booming economic growth and vibrant, developing societies. They also have strong complementarities and mutual interests that remain largely untapped, and the scope for increased bilateral and regional relations is vast.

Energy, food and agriculture, mining, information technology, and infrastructural development are among the most obvious sectors that would immediately benefit from increased commercial and investment ties between Latin American and Arab countries.

Greater initiatives for scientific research and development cooperation and projects would help build synergies in fields such as biotechnologies, water management and renewable energies. The development of Arab‐Latin American interchange and interaction in education, culture and the arts would foster a better mutual understanding of each region’s civilizations, languages and histories. In particular, extensive student exchange programs can lay the groundwork and create networks for the long-term development of ever-deeper levels of understanding and cooperation.

At the global level, a stronger partnership between the two regions can strengthen the constituency for sustainable development, climate change management, ensuring global and regional stability, promoting security, poverty reduction, and developing sound international financial policies and regulation. Working together, the Arab world and Latin America can strengthen their individual and collective voices on numerous issues of mutual concern in international organizations and multilateral forums.

The Abu Dhabi Forum will therefore be an important milestone in developing the ongoing dialogue and building a future of greater and mutually beneficial economic, educational and cultural, and diplomatic cooperation between Arab and Latin American societies.

An ideal setting for a high-level, purposive dialogue

The Arab‐Latin American Forum will provide an ideal setting and a high‐level platform for leaders from both regions to develop their ideas in an intensive, purposive dialogue.

The Forum will be structured around three main themes: 1) Economic and commercial opportunities as the basis of an intensified partnership; 2) Strengthening Arab‐Latin American educational, academic, scientific and cultural ties; and 3) Building a mutual Arab‐Latin American vision on global issues.

The Forum will bring together prominent national and international figures, and sector‐ and region‐ specific experts in these fields, from the two regions for intensive dialogue. Former presidents, government ministers and other senior officials, international organization leaders, prominent businesspersons, heads of sovereign wealth funds and other investment groups, and leaders of prestigious academic and cultural institutions will be well represented at the Forum. The program will emphasize follow-up, future cooperation, and the development of practical projects with measurable results.

The Forum will be held at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, where guests will also be hosted.

Abu Dhabi is an exciting, vibrant, multi‐cultural city. Located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and only 120 km from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is rapidly transforming into a dynamic, cosmopolitan metropolis, and a global capital city. It is building world‐class academic, cultural, entertainment and leisure facilities that have attracted international attention. It is therefore an ideal setting for this important, historic Forum.

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