Eagan Invisalign Teen Provider Recommends Ways to Care For Braces and Teeth

Published: Wed Dec 05 2012

Braces can change patients' overall looks and give them a good reason to smile. To achieve this transformation efficiently, patients have to maintain braces and care for the health of their teeth.

Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth, an Eagan Invisalign teen provider, says good oral hygiene benefits orthodontic treatment. The Eagan and Inver Grove Heights pediatric orthodontics provider recommends these five guidelines to keep braces and teeth healthy during treatment:

Floss Twice a Day
A floss threader can reach places a toothbrush misses and it can move carefully around the braces. It's imperative to floss twice a day after lunch and before going to bed help avoid gum disease and decay.

Brush Following Meals
Thorough brushing of the teeth and braces should follow each meal. Patients should use an interdental toothbrush, since it can clean under wires better than a regular toothbrush.

Wear Elastics Regularly
Patients should always wear elastics, except for when they eat or brush. It's important to wear the exact size of elastics and have some extras, since teeth can resist pressure when they aren't worn on a daily basis.
"Skipping a day of wearing elastics may result in the teeth moving back to their starting point," says Eisenhuth. "This step requires patients to fully commit to the process."

Treat Damage Fast
If the appliance suffers damage, parents should schedule an appointment with their kids' orthodontist. If a wire or bracket causes irritation to sensitive oral tissues, patients may use an antiseptic rinse to provide relief.

Follow Food Guidelines
While undergoing orthodontic treatment, it's best to avoid some foods that are chewy or hard, since they can cause expensive damage and extend treatment time.

Dr. Eisenhuth's clinic offers several options when it comes to braces. One is invisible braces such as Invisalign, which are clear aligners that can be removed to eat and brush teeth.
By following these guidelines, patients can better their oral health and get faster results with less obstacles and added costs due to damage and additional appointments, Eisenhuth says.

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Dr. Eisenhuth attended the University of Minnesota Dental School and graduated in the top of her class. She also is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics.

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