Secession: A Cure for America. Residents in thirty states have filed petitions to secede from the U

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Published: Mon Dec 17 2012

Residents in thirty states have filed petitions to secede from the Union. This has the potential to cure the partisanship war between Conservatives and Liberals.

Washington needs to seize this opportunity now, according to Huffington Post political humor blogger John Cooker. He explains how this would benefit the country; the real reason Red states and Blue states cannot get along; the origins of the conflict; how secession would save Washington D.C. from its current dysfunction; and why Harry Reid looks and acts like a zombie.

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The partisanship war has reached a new fever pitch in America since the election in November. This crisis must be addressed, but it can only be broached with humor, lest a real war break out. The only way to save the country is by stepping back and lightening up a little. Cooker’s article explains:

"If we observe the Red/Blue state division of America, it's obvious conservative opinions flourish like a contagious disease in warm climates (maybe why they're so hot-headed and John Boehner has that orange complexion) and liberal opinions flourish like a case of chicken pox in cooler climates (maybe why they rely on lawyers and deliberation and Harry Reid does look infected with something). This natural climatic barrier would aid in the separation of the two new countries and define their boundaries -- pretty much along the old Mason/Dixon line (though global warming may threaten border-states like Maryland and Delaware)."

The entire article is available with permission to be reprinted, linked to, broadcasted and copy and pasted. It is an extract from the new book: Cure Your Democracy, The Infection, Spread and Treatment of Contagious Opinions.

John Cooker, MRI is a political humor blogger on Huffington Post and the author of Cure Your Democracy, a political satire of the partisan dysfunction of Washington. He claims to have graduated from Harvard Online (not affiliated with Harvard University) with a certificate of MRI (Medical Research Interpreter) – a growing field in high demand (according to the matchbook cover advertisement) that’s too new to be recognized for degree accreditation. Cooker notes: "Many people cannot understand their doctors, diseases or procedures. An MRI explains them in plain English."


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