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Published: Tue Dec 18 2012

As backyard barbecues have gained in popularity, especially in the last decade or so, so has the demand for the kinds of charcoal bbq that are available to consumers. Manufacturers are finally offering more varied models of charcoal barbecues so that there are more choices for you, including those that have more features than you probably will ever need. Don’t fall prey for slick marketing material that are written to whet your appetite for the more expensive charcoal bbq models, especially if you are on a budget. In any event, a high-quality charcoal bbq model can be a great investment because this means you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.

A good, high-quality charcoal bbq is not hard to find. It’s more the features on the different models that can have your head spinning, trying to decide which one you should invest in. Whatever you do, be sure to keep to your criteria and budget so that you don’t get out of control on how much you end up spending.

You may think you want the best, largest, feature-laden charcoal bbq. But this may set you back some serious money that you don’t need to spend. Think about how you plan to use your barbecue. Do you throw parties in your backyard frequently? Do you invite a lot of people over for your parties, or are they usually smaller gatherings, with just a few friends and family? Do your guests include children, which is an important consideration, as this will determine the kinds of food you can serve them.

The truth is there are indeed a lot of choices in terms of charcoal barbecues. Don’t be tempted to get one that has a lot of features you think you need, but in the end, you use only occasionally. Then it becomes a matter of whether or not you really needed a particular feature or not in the first place. Stick to the things that you know you will need for sure, including side shelves, storage beneath the barbecue, maybe a hood that has a roasting feature.

Once you know all of this, you can begin having fun buying your charcoal bbq and know that this will be a good long-term investment.


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