Published: Mon Mar 28 2005 (, an ebook store for career-minded writers, has launched free RSS feeds spanning a variety of topics, from business, computers and entertainment, and to Internetm, marketing, and writing.’s free RSS feeds are a counterpart to its FREE ARTICLE DATABASE (, which publishes new articles daily and offers webmasters and publishers hundreds of articles to reprint.’s free RSS feeds let webmasters add a variety of valuable articles to their website or blog by adding an RSS feed or several RSS feeds by going to

Why add an RSS feed? An RSS feed has these advantages:

1) Content automatically appears on your website or blog. Just add the RSS feed and -- presto! -- content magically appears before your eyes and your readers’ eyes.

2) Content is automatically updated in real-time. When publishes a new article its listing automatically appears on your website or blog.

3) You can add one RSS feed or several RSS feeds at a time to cover specific subjects.

4) You can add an RSS feed to an RSS reader or MyYahoo and content is automatically updated on your screen. also offers seven different features that webmasters can add to their websites by adding a snippet of Java Code; these special features include Working Writers Newsletter,’s DAILY WRITING BLOG, author interviews, and writing-related reports. These special features are available at also offers free syndication services to publishers who seek a no cost way to distribute their content on web sites worldwide. For more information, see: is an online ebook store that sells ebooks on writing, freelancing, publishing, screenwriting, marketing, and home business. always welcomes authors to add their ebook or ebooks to its online store; for details please go to

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