TENTE launches noise reducing castors

Published: Thu Jan 10 2013

TENTE has added a new noise reducing castor to its wide range of transport castors and wheels. The decision to create this innovative castor was inspired by the search for solutions that would allow businesses dealing with night deliveries comply with the newly imposed noise regulations in residential areas.

Hard wheels transfer every irregularity on the floor or the ground to the chassis. These vibrations carry over to the merchandise being transported on the vehicle, which can cause substantial noise. Therefore, regulations have been imposed to decrease noise levels in fields such as grocery deliveries.

In order to help businesses decrease noise levels to an acceptable range for night deliveries in residential areas TENTE have launched a new series of noise reducing castors. These products have made it possible to change the characteristics of hard wheels and to meet the latest noise reduction requirements.

TENTE offers various solutions. One of them is the "HUR" hybrid wheel, an improved version of its standard polyamide wheels. A specially formulated elastic rubber ring is over-moulded with high quality polyamide, resulting in a high load carrying hub and hard polyamide tread. The combination of materials used in the sandwich construction offers favourable characteristics.

Additionally, TENTE developed a new noise reducing wheel: POS e.g. UOT Wheel Diameter: 125mm. High performance materials result in a dampening effect through the axle hole and the end-user can retrofit existing non noise-reducing castors with the new noise reducing wheels.

The POS wheel is made of polypropylene and features a noise reducing roller bearing while the UOT wheel is made of polyamide. The hub has a noise reducing precision ball bearing. The polyamide wheel is temperature resistant from -40° C to +80° C. 

Both versions guarantee low roll and swivel resistance.

About TENTE:
TENTE CASTORS Ltd. is a subsidiary of TENTE International GmbH located in Cologne, Germany. TENTE is Europe’s largest manufacturer of castors & wheels. TENTE castors are proven and used by many original equipment manufacturers of branded products all over the world.

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