Brand New Notebooks R Us Store Now Open

From: Notebooks R Us
Published: Wed Dec 07 2005

"It's a fabulous technology experience" said Robert O'Neill, one of Notebooks R Us principle directors "and it allows us to bring our special brand of technology selection and standout service to this side of the city".

Now with competition fiercer than it has probably ever been and several computer retailers hitting the wall this year alone, why do Notebooks R Us continue to thrive and grow? One reason being the combination of a clever online operation at as well as dynamic retail operations that now cover large parts of Melbourne.

Another reason can be found in the response of customers like Viv Charalambous of the Australian Communications Consortium Ltd who wrote earlier this year - "Great Job Notebooks R Us! Our company, the Australian Communications Consortium Ltd has some of the toughest requirements for laptops. As one of Australia's largest independent maintainers of Telecommunications equipment, our engineers may be using their notebooks to access the latest VoIP equipment one day and 15 year old legacy gear the next - obtaining notebooks that meet both of these requirements can be tough!" You can read more about Viv's experience at in the testimonials section.

"The Maribrynong store, like our other stores is very focused on standout technology and exceptional service." said Robert. "Getting motivated staff who are very client focused and have sound knowledge isn't always easy however it's one of our prime requirements, and it always pays dividends. Our customers walk out at the very least more educated and more often than not with technology that suits their individual requirements. That is our prime concern."

The new store, across the road from Highpoint Shopping Centre promises to bring some awesome technology to the western side of town. An area where consumers often had to travel some distance to receive quality service and products. "We just can't wait to meet the people of Maribrynong and the surrounding areas and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them" said Robert.

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