Wise Property Care sends expert to treat woodworm – in Iceland

From: Wise Property Care
Published: Thu Mar 27 2008

A Scottish specialist in treating woodworm from Wise Property Care has been told to pack his bags to answer an unusual SOS call from a worried householder – in Iceland.

Mr Kerr, 42, of Wise Property Care, was told by bosses in Glasgow to collect his chemicals and fly out to the stricken client all the way out in Iceland. He flew to just outside the Artic Circle – where the infestation is extremely rare – to tackle the case in Reykjavik.

The Aberdeen based professional said: "It’s really common here in the UK, 75% of houses get it, but it seems there’s no one in Iceland who knew what to do. Very few of the houses apparently use soft wood which woodworm like. My usual patch is between Montrose and Wick but they must have thought I was the closest."

The problem started when woodworm were brought to a house in the capital city of Iceland, possibly inside imported furniture. The homeowner contacted a local professor who identified the problem but could find no one to deal with it. He contacted the Wise Property Care who passed the details to Mark Kerr within their Aberdeen Branch.

Mr Kerr, of Ellon in Aberdeenshire, said: "It’s a fantastic opportunity. I’ve never been to Iceland before. It will be interesting to see if there’s a growing problem there. It’s usually too cold and dry for woodworm."

Mr Kerr also thought that the trip will give the business an idea of potential for expansion abroad.

Woodworm is common in the UK and can be found in any house with exposed timber. The temperature in Iceland makes it difficult for them to survive and only a handful of cases have ever been recorded. The woodworm lay eggs and larvae burrow into the wood where they spend three years eating through the timber before going in search of a mate.

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