Sleep Equals Weight Loss , says REM Mate

From: Indoor Health Care Network
Published: Wed Dec 07 2005

REM Mate’s "whole health air" sleep machine technology, with its sleep-drive "pure air" mechanics, positions REM Mate way ahead in the "whole health" aspect growth in the exploding air purifier industry.

REM Mate Health Sciences, having introduced REM Mate, to health care and media attention, is pleased to announce swift shipping capability for the Christmas season. Their website is:

"It's really the New Year's Season, however, with all the weight loss resolutions people make," said Bill Zimmermann, Executive Director, adding, "there's so many people wanting to lose weight, and get a good night's sleep, in a clean fresh bedroom." REM Mate answers that need without pills or complicated wishful tactics. Weight loss takes diet and exercise,yes, but recent major scientific and medical studies show it also takes nutritious sleep.

REM Mate, all steel American made with green technology, is the first sleep and weight loss air purifier machine for one's bedroom, allowing a pure air, rich sleep, and triggering the body's ability to produce its natural fat burning enzymes.

Excitement is gathering for REM Mate's green technology natural wonder, among major media, retailers and distributors of weight loss, fitness, nutrition and health care services, and health care professionals concerned about weight and sleep issues so prevelant in the news lately.

REM Mate uses a patented combination of true medical grade hepa filtration, US Military carbon fibre, and REM White Sound to cleanse the bedroom air, refresh the circulation, induce deep sleep and enhance weight loss though deep sleep's natural fat burning enzyme production.

Rich sleep is the forgotten third leg on the health stool that includes diet and exercise.

REM Mate: No pills, no wild promises, all natural, in a pure air fresh bedroom, as it should be; just good, deep, pure air sleep and a refreshed morning after the body's had a chance to refurbish and burn toxic fat. The REM Mate carries a full 30 day money back guarantee for its $300 price tag.

"The fact is," Zimmermann says, "Americans used to eat more, and exercise less, and yet weigh less--just 40 years ago, because they slept more, and slept better." Zimmermann adds "Now major media, science and health are backing this with fact."

REM Mate is the air purifier with sleep and weight loss enhancement. REM Mate is a science innovative, remarkable natural health care breakthrough; REM Mate can be reviewed and purchased on

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