New Video CV App Launches to Help University Leavers Secure a Place on Graduate Recruitment Programm

From: Camooze Limited
Published: Fri Jan 25 2013

The past few years have been tough for university leavers, as high numbers of graduates compete for the small amount of places available on graduate recruitment programmes. Camooze has launched a video CV app for the web, tablet and mobile devices that allows jobseekers to stand out from the crowd and secure that all-important step on the career ladder.

With thousands of university leavers expected to be searching for graduate positions in 2013, the pressure on graduates to secure a meaningful position has never been greater. New research from The Association for Graduate Recruiters showed that the average number of applications per graduate job is around 100. With competition being fierce, those hoping to secure a place on a graduate recruitment programme will need to find innovative ways to sell their skills. In recent weeks, the Civil Service and Mars have been amongst the employers announcing the opening of their application processes for their 2013 intakes, leaving many graduates asking, ‘How can I sell my skills?’.

The cutting-edge new app from Camooze allows jobseekers to record their very own video CV, using a computer, tablet, or mobile device, which can then be sent directly to recruiters. This gives graduates the opportunity to connect with potential employers by adding another facet to their applications. Empowering graduates to use the latest technology as part of their toolkit for creating winning applications is set to revolutionise the recruitment process. As organisations must tap into the web-savvy talent pool if they wish to gain a competitive edge, Camooze’s video CV software can be a valuable asset for employers and candidates alike.

About Camooze

Camooze is the smarter way to interview, and can help you stand out from the crowd with your very own personalised video CV. Including your own Camooze video link in job applications is a great way to grab an employer’s interest and convince them that you’re perfect for the position.

If your potential employer chooses to use Camooze to interview candidates via the video interview tool, you can even record your responses from the comfort of your own home.
Create a customised video CV on a webcam or mobile device, share your video with employers across the world, and respond to interview questions, anytime and anywhere.

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