More Low Maintenance Winter Heating Contracts for BioFire

From: Biofire Fireplaces Cape Town
Published: Fri Jan 25 2013

BioFire fireplaces South Africa has announced that it has signed a number of new building contracts for its low maintenance ceramic tile combustion heating fireplace system.

The building contracts include building orders in the major metropolitan areas of Cape Town and Johannesburg with potential for more contracts being signed in areas such as KwaZulu Natal, the Eastern Cape, Limpopo, North West Province and the Northern Cape.

Alex Wörz, the Sales & Customer Service Manager for Gauteng, had this to say about the growth in the low maintenance closed combustion fireplace system market:

"It is testament to the quality of our BioFire fireplaces that we have managed to sign an ever increasing amount of building and installation contracts for our low maintenance closed combustion fireplace system in both the Western Cape and Gauteng." He further went on to thank all existing BioFire clients "for opting to build one of the few eco-friendly fireplaces that far undercut the European dust particle emission restrictions."

How a Low Maintenance Fireplace System Works

A BioFire fireplace has a wood burning temperature of up to 1.000° Celsius. This temperature is significantly higher than other fireplaces available in South Africa due to the ceramic refractory material used to build a BioFire fireplace. This high burning heat ensures that the flames burn to their full potential and leave only 1% of the original volume of wood used to heat the fireplace. Furthermore the ceramic refractory material stores the energy and radiates it evenly for a period of 12-24 hours after the fire is gone.

About BioFire South Africa

For more information regarding BioFire fireplaces South Africa please contact Alex Wörz via email on Alternatively you can request an assessment for your home on their website and a member of their customer service team will contact you to set up a meeting.

All BioFire fireplaces are guaranteed to be VOC, biocide, heavy metal and radioactive free and produce the lowest emission levels in the industry. The glass and door structure used by BioFire in the construction of their fireplaces are of certified European quality
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