5 Simple Christmas Gifts for a Handgunner or Pistol Shooter

From: Gunner's Alley
Published: Wed Dec 07 2005

Are you still trying to find the "perfect" gift for the avid handgun shooter in your family? If so, here are 5 simple "can't miss" ideas for gifts that will make any pistol shooter happy.

#1: Ammunition - Although ammunition isn't very flashy or high-tech, every handgunner in the world needs it to shoot. Also ammunition is somewhat of a consumable commodity so shooters are constantly having to replenish their supply. The big question becomes what kind to get and where to get it? As long as you know the caliber of the weapon being used, any good sporting goods store or gun store should be able to help you find what you need. A word of caution: Don't purchase the least expensive ammo you see as many die-hard handgunners don't like to shoot low quality ammo through an expensive weapon. Instead, look for a brand and price point that is somewhere between the lowest and highest.

#2: Targets - Here's another simple shooting accessory that is often overlooked at Christmas. Similar to ammunition, targets are generally something that shooters go through pretty quick (especially paper ones). Most any sporting goods or gun shop should be able to supply you with a decent selection of paper or plate targets.

#3: Shooting Bags - This is another gift that will be much appreciated by any avid shooter. Handgunners have to carry assorted gear (ammunition, hearing protection, handguns, etc.) to the shooting range each and every time they go. A shooting bag is specifically designed for this very job. Consider a bag with some room to allow for additional gear that is always accumulated over time.

#4: Gun Cleaning Supplies: Every pistol shooter will need to clean their weapon or weapons at some time. Cleaning supplies are another accessory that every handgun owner needs. Like many of the other items already mentioned, cleaning supplies are a usable commodity that have to periodically be replenished.

#5: Eye Protection - An absolute necessity for shooting, eye protection makes an excellent Christmas gift. It doesn't have to be an expensive or complicated pair of shooting glasses. Just make sure that the glasses are specifically designed for shooting so that they can provide an adequate level of protection.

Most any any gun store should be able to further educate or assist you in selecting any of the items listed above. If you still have doubts about the right item for your shooter, consider a gift certificate from his/her favorite gun store. That option will allow them to select exactly what they want.

Brad Justus is the co-owner/operator of Gunner's Alley (http://www.gunnersalley.com), which is an online retailer of gun holsters and shooting accessories.

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