Ottawa Family Dentistry Professionals Review Oral Bacteria P. Gingivalis Study

From: Trillium Dental
Published: Sun Feb 17 2013

The Journal of Leukocyte Biology published a report in January that shows the oral bacteria that cause periodontal disease inhibit the body’s immune response. Porphyromonas gingivalis encourage the production of Interleukin-10, or IL-10, and IL-10 blocks T-cells from attacking P. gingivalis.

Trillium Dental, a family dentistry in Ottawa practice, sees many patients with some form of periodontal disease. Seventy percent of Canadians will have some level of periodontal disease in their lifetimes, according to the Canadian Dental Association. This research sheds light on why periodontal disease can be difficult to treat.

To conduct their study, scientists subjected mice cells to P. gingivalis and added the anti-inflammatory molecule IL-10 to some of the cells. The scientists were interested in how IL-10 affected the interferon gamma production. The cells treated with IL-10 showed an increase in interferon gamma, but the untreated cells showed no interferon gamma growth. The outcome suggests P. Gingivalis damages cells as soon as it’s exposed to the host, which is why diagnosing and treating periodontal disease early makes such a big difference.

While periodontal disease is common, it’s also preventable. Routine dental care, including professional cleanings and exams, allows dentists to observe any changes to a patient’s oral health. Hygienists and dentist can often thwart the onset of periodontal disease when it’s caught at the gingivitis stage.

Periodontal disease causes bleeding and tender gums, and can lead to teeth becoming loose and falling out in severe cases. Dr. David Bartos has experience treating periodontal disease with root planing, gingival grafts, laser technology and gingivectomies. His partner, cosmetic dentist in Ottawa Dr. Mark Northcott, and their dental team offer artistic enhancements as well, including tooth alignment with Stittsville Invisalign Teen and laser gum contouring.

Patients must practice exemplary oral hygiene habits at home to reduce their chances of developing periodontal disease. The CDA recommends flossing at least once a day to boost gum health, but patients can floss more often if they desire. Patients should also brush at least twice daily for optimum oral health. The best defense against periodontal disease is a good offense.

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