The Top Five Benefits Of Purchasing A Japan Rail Pass

From: Japan Rail Pass Now
Published: Tue Mar 05 2013

Japan Rail Pass Now, Australia’s choice for the Japan Rail Pass, list the top five benefits on purchasing the Japan Rail Pass for your next trip to Japan.

Japan Rail Pass Now Founder Adam Weaver states that "With the surging Australian dollar and a range of budget airline sale fares to Japan, there has been no better time to have an affordable trip to Japan." With Interest for the JR Pass increasing online in Australia by 62% in January, year on year, it's evident that more Australian outbound travellers are choosing Japan as their holiday destination.

The top five benefits of purchasing a JR Rail Pass:

1. Unlimited travel: Benefits include unlimited travel on the JR Rail Network, selected buses and selected ferries. You have the flexibility to travel as much as you like.
2. Value for money: The price of a Tokyo – Kyoto return trip on the bullet train is roughly the same price as the 7 day Japan Rail Pass.
3. Flexible options: You can select passes between 7, 14 or 21 days and choose between economy or green (first) class.
4. Easy to use: With English signage, multiple help centres and one of the most efficient rail services in the world, your trip through Japan will be a breeze.
5. Time efficient: Whether it's the on time train services or the lightning fast speed between cities, you're bound to save time and get the most sightseeing from your trip.

You can find the most common Japan Rail Pass Frequently Asked Questions on the Japan Rail Pass Now website.


Japan Rail Pass Now is a specialist provider of the Japan Rail Pass within the Australian market. Since 2011, their goal has been to help their customers make the most out of their trip to Japan using the Japan Rail Pass.


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