The Empower Network Blog Platform Passes Mashable In Daily Web Traffic

Published: Wed Mar 06 2013

Empower Network Blog Platform co-founder David Wood announced on March 4th that the companies viral blogging system has passed the digital innovation reporting website in web traffic. has been one of the most innovative websites in the world generating 20 million monthly unique visitors and has engaged with over 6 million people through social media. However, the powerful combination of a viral blogging platform, marketing training, business training, and powerful life training, has catapulted Empower Network Blog Platform past in monthy unique visitors in the United States.

David Wood announced on his Facebook page today to his fans, "Empower Network is the 281st most trafficked site online yesterday". now has ranked as the #169 most visited site in the United States, ahead of such notable sites as;,,,, and even the local deal site

Co-founder Dave Sharpe says on his Facebook Fan page, "You can build a business and have a life, and you can do it being WHO YOU ARE...And that just feels good to read, share and say, doesn't it?" The Empower Network offers an incredible suite of training audios, videos, webinars, weekly Empower phone calls, and of course, the core product is the viral blogging system.

Empower Network also offers a unique opportunity to earn 100% commissions by recommending the viral blogging system and training materials to others. It is only $25 to register for the core product which is a blog. The most powerful thing about the blog, and what makes it so poplular, is there are no technical skills or experience necessary to set it up and get started. The blog is literally "push button" simple to set up.

David Wood and Dave Sharpe have also come up with a unique slogan for people who have an interest in signing up, "No Wussies Allowed". This is meant to encourage people to put their self imposed barriers in the past and to have the belief and mindset that anyone can use the Empower Network to help them be successful with business challenges, business marketing using the Internet, and even personal issues, such as challenging relationships and family.

One of the best ways to learn "What is the Empower Network All About" is to visit their website and watch the many Empower Network Presentation videos provided on the main company website, You can learn more about the Empower Network Business Opportunity, by visiting the site. Be sure to read the income disclosure first. There is a link the Empower Network Income Disclosure at the bottom of every page.

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