DITP stages gigantic food extravaganza “THAIFEX 2013” to promote “Thai Kitchen to the World” policy,

As part of the policy of promoting the "Thai Kitchen to the World", the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), in collaboration with public and private sectors, is again organizing a spectacular food exposition "THAIFEX – World of food Asia 2013". This year, the event offers an astonishingly comprehensive range of quality food & beverage products as well as related technologies and services. The DITP aims to heighten opportunities for Thai food for the global market, with the value of food exports in 2013 being targeted to increase by 10%.

According to the 2013 strategic plan revealed by Mrs. Srirat Rastapana, Director-General of the Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), the department has laid out strategies for the promotion and development of Thai food exports in compliance with the "Thai Kitchen to the World" policy. Activities have been created promoting the involvement of MADE-IN-THAILAND products and also entrepreneurs coupled with the continuous search for new trading channels and export prospects. These activities consist of, for example, organizing Thai food exhibitions both inside and outside the country and engaging Thai trade delegates in overseas business negotiations in countries such as ASEAN, China, India, Japan and the Middle East. A 10% increase is targeted in the country’s agricultural and food export value.

"Food has been our major export product which generates considerable revenue to both the agricultural sector and the export industry. Last year, the total value of food exports from Thailand was 27,069 Million USD, accounting for 12% of the national GDP. In 2013, the overall global food market is predicted to increase by 21% responding to world population growth. Therefore, the quality of Thai food products needs to be promoted to gain a competitive advantage as well as more export opportunities in such a challenging global arena," said Mrs. Srirat.

Jointly organized by the DITP, the Thai Chamber of Commerce and Koelnmesse, THAIFEX – World of food Asia 2013 is scheduled to take place during this May 22nd – 26th, at Challenger 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. Such organization is one of the key strategies to drive Thai food exports towards the goal in an effective manner. Ranked as one of the largest events in Asia, THAIFEX 2013 is a world-class trade arena for entrepreneurs in the food industry, both local and international alike, to display their full potential of food & beverage production along with emerging technologies and services. Consequently, the event contributes to improving the quality of food products as well as related technologies, enabling them to fit existing market needs, while developing Thailand to be a leading trade center and the largest venue for food exhibitions in Asia.

At THAIFEX 2013, visitors will experience a spectacular showcase of food products and related services from more than 1,000 leading local and overseas companies. Also packed with fun-filled, food-for-thought activities concerning knowledge and food industry updates, the event is then an ideal venue at which any individuals involved in the industry will enjoy while gaining in-depth information which can be applied to their businesses productively. THAIFEX 2013 – a totally worthwhile and must-visit event no one can afford to miss!

More details about the THAIFEX – World of food Asia 2013 are available via www.ditp.go.th and www.thaitradefair.com.
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