Permashutter, exciting young company at the cutting edge of the green revolution

Published: Tue Mar 19 2013

An exciting young company which has hit the headlines in the past few months for its innovative products is helping to lead the way in the green revolution.

Permashutter, which recently invented a new product for communications giant ‘Openreach’ to help speed up the fibre broadband roll-out across the country, is at the cutting edge of caring for the environment with a host of products.

The company, which specialises in the design and manufacture of construction products and solutions, can offer many environmental advantages:

Its products can be formed from recycled plastics.

Products are lightweight and easily transportable – heavy lifting equipment and temporary access roads are not required.
There is no steel reinforcing required in most models.
Wooden shuttering and props are not required and are not therefore disposed of.
Multiple trade visits to site to install are no longer required, saving on fuel,vehicle emissions and traffic.
Pollution risks are minimised because of the speed of installation. Pumps, cofferdams and generators are only required for hours, not days or weeks, with virtually no cement or concrete polluted into watercourse on installation.

Technical director Steve Willis said: "Environmental impact is of paramount importance to us.

"From headwalls to telecoms cabinet bases, we design, make and supply innovative, lower carbon, cost-saving products for the construction industry.

"Our products save time and money, reduce carbon emissions, are safer to work with and are of a high quality."

Mr Willis said the company's products featured in the BT Challenge Cup. BT was so impressed with Permashutter's Polybase product, it reached second place in the worldwide innovation contest.

BT's Next Generation Access Re-works manager Craig Chapman commented: "The Polybase is unique. It’s not an ‘off the shelf’ product– it does not exist in any other format, anywhere else in the world, which is a great achievement. Following my initiative and initial thoughts, the guys at Permashutter worked tirelessly on their innovation."

The company, based in Northampton, also hit the headlines two years ago with its Polymer Headwalls, which combined labour, plant and materials efficiency, reducing cost and installation time.
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