Three Simple Steps To Get The Perfect National Cleavage Day Bust

From: Lissome Lingerie
Published: Mon Mar 25 2013

National Cleavage Day was created by Wonderbra to encourage women not to be ashamed of showing off their cleavage and to celebrate it instead.

Lissome lingerie owner, Sarah Stephens, explains how National Cleavage Day embodies the philosophy of her brand: "This day allows each and every woman to acknowledge that they are unique and that they should be proud of this. Whatever shape or size, it is all about increasing women's confidence and this is exactly what our lingerie does."

To celebrate National Cleavage Day Lissome Lingerie has created three steps towards perfecting your cleavage in time for Wednesday.

"For step one," explained Sarah, "take a look at our bra fitting pages to establish whether or not you currently have spillage or excess cup space"

Sarah added: "Step two. Now that you have discovered your correct bra size, it is time to purchase one before National Cleavage day soon arrives. In celebration of the event, Lissome Lingerie currently have 20% off all bras until midnight on Wednesday".

"Step three is the most fun part. Organise an outing somewhere nice to show off your new cleavage and new confidence. You could pay for it with the money left over from the 20% discount you had off your new bra".

Lissome Lingerie's 20% off all bras will last until midnight on the 27th of March.

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