Premier Inn reveals the nations snoozing habits

From: Premier Inn
Published: Mon Apr 08 2013

A new study from Premier Inn has found the typical Brit hits the snooze button at 6.22am but then has 10 restless minutes sleep before finally climbing out of bed – and that sleepy Brits love their beds so much that 10% hit the snooze button five times to grab 10 precious extra minutes under the duvet every morning.

The hotel chain surveyed 2,000 people on their sleeping habits, identifying four distinct early-morning categories:

There are the 'Eternal Snoozers' – who just can't get up when the alarm goes off and need to repeatedly hit snooze. One in ten is so reluctant to get up they snooze up to five times, with 14 per cent snoozing repeatedly until the very last moment.

Nearly a quarter of the adults asked are in the 'Just one more minute-ers' category; hitting snooze just once, falling back to sleep and getting up as soon as the alarm goes off again.

Just under half of the country (44%) shows more will power as 'The up and at'ems' who get straight up as soon as the alarm goes off.

A quarter, who are called 'The Shock Wakers', said they like their alarm so loud it frightens them into waking up – with 27% using a gentle wake up call. 

A spokesperson for Premier Inn said: "We conducted this research to explore Brits' attitudes to getting up in the morning and to find out precisely what time the nation reaches for the snooze button.

"At Premier Inn we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep so they can wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day. We are so dedicated that we even have a 'Good Night Guarantee' – which means if guests are not 100% satisfied with their stay they can request a full refund. Our king size beds, comfortable pillows and black out curtains are key to getting a great night sleep."

The research, which is part of Premier Inn's sleep report, also found 61% of Brits use their phone to wake them up, with one in 20 setting three alarms to guarantee they get up.

Half of adults have slept through their alarm in the past which resulted in a quarter missing their bus or train to work, one in ten missing an interview and a quarter have receiving a warning from their boss. A third said they simply didn’t perform well at work as they were so stressed about being late.

Sleep expert, Kevin Morgan from The Clinical Sleep Research Unit, Loughborough University said: "Waking feeling refreshed and able to face your day is the hallmark of good quality sleep. If your alarm rings, it’s telling you to get up. But if your body is frequently too sleepy to respond, it’s probably telling you to go to bed earlier. Lying in bed after the alarm is fine – as long as you’re alert, thinking and preparing to get up. This period can actually be helpful. But if you’re too sleepy to get your mind and motivation into gear – you should really consider what’s going on with your life and your sleep."

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