Anti-Islamic Author Comes Out of Hiding; Says “Boston is just the Beginning”

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Published: Tue May 07 2013

Markus Aurelius, author of the controversial book "Bleeding for Allah, Why Islam will Conquer the World" has re-surfaced after nearly six years of seclusion since his book sparked outrage in the Muslim world. Aurelius states that "Boston is just the beginning of things to come" and that "None of this would be a surprise to anyone who bothered to read the Koran just once."

"President Obama’s willful blindness of the facts and pathetic milk-toast approach to the global jihad only enables and emboldens the Islamists that much more to strike. America’s porous borders and feeble, incoherent immigration and student visa system has set the stage. Dozens of embedded, extremist cells are ready to go to work. And as Obama’s long time pastor and dear friend Reverend Jeremiah Wright once said, ‘America’s chickens have come home to roost’."

Indeed, as a scientist, Markus Aurelius believes that Islam is best suited for ultimate survival in a Darwinian context, hence the title of his book. "When one religion or government can operate without rules while others constrain themselves out of a false sense of fairness, guilt or utter political weakness, it is only a matter of time before the latter ceases to exist. Obama and his liberal cronies are not only a threat to the long-term survival of the United States but to the entire free world. Across the globe Obama’s administration is seen as a colossal symbol of American submissiveness and ineptitude. The Benghazi fiasco, the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt, inaction in Syria and Iran and the bungling of the Ft. Hood and Boston disasters are just a few examples."

Aurelius holds the media in contempt when it comes to reporting the facts of Islam. "America’s mass media borders on criminal negligence. If collective false reporting or failure to report was covered under the RICO Act, only Fox News would remain on the air." Aurelius continues, "Not only are the left wing sympathizers misleading the public with lame, politically correct factoids, they are completely ignoring Christians who are, right at this moment, being systematically jailed and eliminated in Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East."

Aurelius finished his statement with one last tough statement against Islam: "When one considers the Armenian, Bangladeshi and Sudanese genocides of just the past ninety years, coupled with the 20,800 documented Islamic bombings since 2001, Muslims have destroyed more people in the past century than the Nazis ever did. And they have been doing this for over 1,000 years!"

"Bleeding for Allah" is a somewhat obscure book that outlines in detail the pragmatic, violent life of Muhammad and how the prophet’s ruthless rise to power, led to the many violent verses of the Koran, which was written by his followers after his death. "Bleeding" also is unique in that that it statistically analyzes the specific words of violence and hate in the Koran with comparison to the New Testament with startling results.

Interestingly, although his research for "Bleeding for Allah" was started more than a decade ago, Aurelius’ detailed recommendations in the final chapter read like today’s newscast: "We must truly secure our borders", "We must become genuinely energy independent of the Middle East", "We must prohibit a nuclear armed Iran" and "We must come to terms with the violent truth of Islam."

After ten full years, how could we have learned so little?
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