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From: Calla Enterprises LTD
Published: Tue May 21 2013

Michael Callahan of Calla Enterprises LTD an LLC has team up with JW Merchant Funding. Looking forward to the challenge Michael Callahan want to help people to acquire merchant services in start ups (even when the major banks turn them down) and to help well established business save money .

A little about Michael Callahan, he hold a Graduate Certificate in Public Management, a BFA in Digital Design, and a AAS in Graphics.
He works for Clark County, Nevada as a Park Maintenance Worker, and is a Affiliate Marketer part-time.

He has been in business before in 2000 to 2001 as Calla Enterprises which sold telephone, fax machines over the internet as a drop shipper. With 9-11-2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked, the warehouse business which he had work with of was destroyed. Mr. Callahan vowed that he would return to the business world, since it was a lifelong dream of his to have a successful business of his own.

Another interesting fact about Mike is that he is still serving his country at the age of 56. He is a member of the Nevada Army National Guard, and the Civil Air Patrol. He will be leaving the National Guard in November of 2013 with over 20 year of Service. He is a veteran of the US Army and the US Air Force which he served in the 70's and 80's. During this time, Mike has done many job for his country, he has work as a Small Arms Repairman, Tank Commander, Water Purification Technician, Safety Officer and Combat Arms Instructor. His highest rank achieved is Staff Sergeant in the Army and has turned down promotions many times since he like being directly involve with people. "The higher rank is mostly administrative and take you away from them." Mike told us. He is a 1st Lieutenant n the Civil Air Patrol which is the Auxiliary of the United State Air Force. Presently Mike dose not play an active role in the Civil Air Patrol but plan to return in 2014.

Michael notice the high cost of using credit cards when he was in business in 2000, which the banks charged him for his merchant accounts, and wanted to know more about this business. So he decided when offered to him to join up with a merchant service company Mike jump at the chance to learn more about the merchant services business. Presently Mike is still learning the business with great vigor with JW Merchant Funding.

What Mike like about being in business in with JW Merchant Funding, it is a successful enterprise that makes it possible for business to carry on in today's world and save money. Also, it help those who are starting up in the business world, get merchant service to process credit cards, where major banks have rejected them. Also they are full service for the current market place where retail, mail order by phone, eCommerce, and wireless where vendors can process their customers credit cards.

Also Mike like the fact that this is a joint venture, not only do where you buy lead to be process by the company, I work as a partner too with JW Merchant Funding and help people achieve their dreams too.
Here is copy from Mike's website at http: // about the service offered to merchant vendors.


When you're dealing with customers face to face we provide the credit card processing services you need to keep your business moving forward. We offer the highest level of technology in our terminals to insure that each transaction goes smoothly. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all of your questions and make sure that you're up, running and doing business. We also offer gift cards, loyalty programs, and text marketing to help you drive more sales. After you've made a sale, your funds will be deposited into your account the next day.


We understand that in the mail and phone order business your customers' experience with your company is of paramount importance. Without meeting them in person, each contact point is a critical opportunity to build your brand. If they decide to buy from you the payment process has to be seamless. With our award winning customer service representatives and exclusive technology you can be confident that each customer's payment experience is positive. Use a stand-alone terminal or our award winning virtual terminal. The virtual terminal offers a host of options including recurring billing and the ability to accept checks over the phone.


To compete in today's market you have to do business online. Accepting credit cards online can dramatically increase sales and give your business the boost it needs to succeed. With same day approvals, 24 hour customer service, personalized account reps and industry leading rates we are the only eCommerce merchant processing solution you'll need. We'll provide you with access to our award winning gateway where you can process credit cards and checks, and set up recurring billing. This technology is compatible with all shopping carts, easy to integrate and certified PCI compliant.


Your business isn't tied down to an office and neither are your customers. To conduct business in the field or on the road, you need to be able to accept payment anywhere you go. We offer a host of wireless solutions that allow you to accept credit card payment without access to a phone line. We give you the freedom you need to facilitate the sales you've earned, any time, any place.


Whether you sell to businesses or to consumers, a trade show is often the most effective way to connect with an extremely targeted group of consumers. In fact, many of our clients make a great percentage of their sales at industry events. We can provide everything you need to process credit card transactions on site and in real time. Contact us today and one of our experience account representatives will make sure you understand all of the various options available, and help you choose the one that bests fits your needs.
Mike like the fact that JW Merchant Funding also has some of the most competitive rates around that will save you money so you can grow your business instead of paying large amounts of money to please your customers with credit card processing.

Future plans for Calla Enterprises is to be able to give back to the community through the Las Vegas Dream Center. The Las Vegas Dream Center is a Christian Organization that helps disadvantage people and youth to overcome poverty and achieve their dreams and potential. Also to train others in business, both in being vendors and affiliates marketer by hiring them to do the work and have hands on opportunity to learn and earn an income at the same time.

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