Lennox Hill Ltd launches a major upgrade to its cloud-based isoTracker Audits Management software

From: Lennox Hill Ltd
Published: Tue May 28 2013

Lennox Hill Ltd announces the launch of version 2.0 of its Audits module as part of its long term plan of continuously adding features to its isoTracker Quality Management Software.

The upgrade to the Audits module is intended to make it more powerful, more flexible and more customisable while maintaining the same affordable price. This upgrade follows recent upgrades to the Complaints module and to the User Management section which both permitted larger customer installations.

The upgrade to the Audits module introduces the following important features:

1. Single page layout that provides complete real time visibility of the audit process
2. Creating and scheduling audits of Suppliers, Internal Departments, Processes or Products
3. Saved checklists that can be reused to implement standardisation across an organisation
4. Automatic recurrence of audits at regular intervals in order to reduce risks
5. Scoring of Audits using a Grading system which is entirely customisable or the use of a standard Pass/Fail system
6. Adding new fields and customising default fields such as audit opinion, recurrence intervals, audit types, lists of suppliers, processes, employees, products…
7. Recording of non-compliances and the closing of each of them using the integrated Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) process
8. Multiple email reminders when assigned tasks are not completed
9. Closing of Audits using a customisable Opinion list and recording the Audit Report. Feedback can also be solicited on the audit process before closure
10. And much more…

As a cloud-based application the Audits module provides the ability for clients to create templates to ensure the standardisation and recurrence of Audits across their organisation.

"With this important upgrade the isoTracker Audits module broadens its scope and features while improving its ease-of-use. In fact this is part of our immediate plan to broaden the appeal of our offering by adding new features generally available in more expensive applications but keeping to our affordable price positing" said Christopher Stainow, Chief Executive of Lennox Hill Ltd.

Lennox Hill has also announced that it has started work on version 2.1 of its Complaints module. The objective of this upgrade is to increase the ability to customise the module to meet specific customer requirements. They inform that a new Equipment Maintenance module will follow after the upgrade to the Complaints module. Both modules integrate into the isoTracker CAPA process.

A 60-day FREE demo of Lennox Hill’s product offering is available on their UK website http://www.lennoxhill.co.uk and their US website http://www.isotracker.com.

Operating out of London, UK and Madurai, India, Lennox Hill Ltd is a unique provider of hosted software solutions for effective management of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 processes. The current offering includes modules for document control, complaints management, audits, competency testing and CAPA.
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