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Published: Tue Feb 15 2005

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., February 15, 2005 - www.HomelandDefenseStocks.com (HDS) and www.BorderAndPortSecurity.com are pleased to announce that FaceKey Corporation: (OTC.PK: FEKY), an access control biometrics company combining face and fingerprint recognition, is currently a profiled featured Company on HDS. HDS is a global investor and industry news and research resource portal for the homeland security sector. The HDS portal is a news and information source for International Industry leaders, Institutions, Media, Government, Military, Navy, Investors, Brokerage Firms and Fortune 500 Companies. FaceKey's combined face and fingerprint recognition biometrics offer competitive benefits including reduced fraud and errors, safety and control convenience (no cards, keys or PIN numbers to lose) and no ongoing card cost for replacement or additions.

What differentiates FaceKey within the biometrcis market:
Annette H. Starkweather, COO states, "All of our products are focused on issues that affect profitability for small to large corporations and organizations. Via the use of biometrics, all of our products seek positive identification of the individual, making it possible for managers to control access to their facilities, PCs and the collection of time and attendance information for payroll purposes".

FaceKey Corporation (OTC.PK: FEKY) will be participating in the upcoming HomelandDefenseStocks.com Homeland Defense Stocks Online Investor Conference on April 06, 2005 http://www.investorideas.com/forums/
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FaceKey Corporation: (OTCPK: FEKY) http://www.facekey.com FaceKey Corp., is a biometrics technology provider whose mission is to provide supreme security measures for their customers by utilizing patented and proprietary biometric technologies that identify and allow access to authorized personnel. FaceKey's technology combines face and fingerprint recognition providing the highest level of security available, reducing fraud and providing better accountability. By combining these identification technologies, FaceKey's products are used for a wide variety of applications ranging from securing corporations' confidential areas and PC access to effectively monitoring time and attendance greatly reducing employee fraud.
Corporate Profile: http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/CO/FKEY/CorporateProfile.asp
News Releases: http://www.homelanddefensestocks.com/CO/FKEY/NewsReleases.asp
FaceKey Technology

Access Control: FaceKey™ products use fingerprint recognition or card reader applications for access security. In certain applications, the combination of fingerprint and card readers may be appropriate. For ultra secure or dual control areas, two biometric technologies are combined: fingerprint and face recognition to ensure maximum speed and unerring accuracy.

Time and Attendance: Clocking in and clocking out will be fraud and error free when FaceKey’s time and attendance products are used to rapidly identify and authenticate personnel. The systems are available in fingerprint reader versions, card reader versions or combinations where appropriate.

FaceKey™ has combined the best features of face and fingerprint recognition technologies in such a manner that large enterprises with multiple locations can be served with biometric only products.

FaceKey™Standard Access Control System based upon the FaceKey™ core technologies is the first and only enterprise class, fully integrated, biometric only access control solution on the market.
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