Hottest version of Ibiza on sale in July

Published: Thu Jun 20 2013

The new Ibiza Cupra will go on sale in Ireland in July as part of SEAT’s 132 Model Year range.

Priced at just €22,875, the car comes in several thousand Euros less than equivalent competitor models whilst matching them in terms of performance and standard equipment.

At this price, the Ibiza Cupra offers the most amount of horsepower, for the least amount of money of any new car on sale in Ireland today.

The Ibiza Cupra will come in 3-door format and is powered by a 1.4-litre TSI engine, which produces 180bhp and 250 Newton metres of torque. The flagship version of SEAT Ireland’s top-selling model will also be fitted with a unique sound actuator in the exhaust system to give the engine an even sweeter sound.

SEAT Director Cian O'Brien has explained the benefits of the new model, saying, "The Ibiza Cupra offers powerful acceleration and excellent grip and handling characteristics at what we believe is a very competitive price. There is no shortage of equipment on offer in the car despite the low price, so we believe this car is a truly excellent package."

The Ibiza Cupra will have a 0-100 km/h of just 6.9 seconds and be able to hit a top speed of 228 km/h. Motorists buying the car will also only have to pay €280 in road tax due to its low emissions of just 139 g/km and fuel efficiency of 5.9l/100 km.

The Cupra will come fitted with SEAT's high quality brakes as standard, although motorists can take up the option of upgrading car parts by buying an AP Performance system for €1,271. Customers can also opt for a XDS electronic differential lock system when buying the car to reduce understeer and improve handling through fast corners.

The hatchback will come fitted with 17" alloy wheels along with a broad grille to add to its aesthetic appeal. Bi-xenon headlights will come fitted as standard, helping to deliver a unique headlamp signature to aid drivers.

The chassis of the Ibiza Cupra is also built to maximise driver satisfaction, with its high-gloss exterior mirrors, broad bumpers and a matt-black diffuser incorporating the trapezoidal exhaust outlet all set to help it stand out from its rivals.

SEAT have fitted the interior of the car with a sports steering wheel and shift paddles for the vehicle's DSG transmission. The car will also come with the SEAT Touch system as standard to enable hands-free phone, navigation and an on-board computer use on 5-inch removable screens.

Customers interested in the Ibiza Cupra can check all the latest news at SEAT Ireland Facebook page.
About the company
SEAT is a Spanish motor company and member of the Volkswagen Group. It employs more than 14,000 people worldwide, and offers a broad range of cars: Mii, Ibiza, Ibiza SC, Ibiza ST, Toledo, Leon, Exeo, Altea, Altea XL, and Alhambra. Each combines the best German engineering with a distinct Spanish design theme, imbuing every one with a unique character.
SEAT here in Ireland has enjoyed significant growth in 2013, growing 64 per cent compared to 2012 figures, seeing their market share increase from 1.58 per cent to 3.03 per cent this year. The word SEAT is an acronym of the original company name: Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, and is therefore written in block capitals. SEAT was founded on 9 May 1950 with production of its first vehicle, the 1400, beginning in 1953. The 600 model, launched in 1957, is the car credited with putting Spain on wheels. So successful was it that sales hit one million by 1968. Volkswagen bought 51% of the company’s shares in 1986, taking a 99.9% share in 1990.
Production is concentrated at the ultra-modern Martorell plant, near Barcelona, which in February 2013 celebrated its 20th anniversary. The company also has a major research and development facility – the Martorell Technical Centre – in which around 1,250 highly qualified staff work. And, in 2007, SEAT opened both a new centralised Design Centre and cutting-edge Prototype Development Centre at Martorell, bringing its entire production process together in one city.
SEAT has a proud history of international motorsport success, most recently claiming back-to-back driver and manufacturer titles in the 2008 and 2009 FIA World Touring Car Championships. SEAT Sport secured these prestigious successes via its mould-breaking Leon 2.0 TDI – the first diesel car to win races in both the BTCC and WTCC.

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