Trance & Classical Music Bump Into Each Other in 'Psycho Choir' Song From The G-Man

From: G-Man Music & Radical Radio
Published: Wed Mar 30 2005

The new album from The G-Man, called "Sonic Tonic," is breaking new ground in many ways, especially with the 8-1/2 minute track called "Psycho Choir," which mixes dance-trance beats, fast-paced percussion and a very psychedelic choral ensemble.

"The track takes listeners from the dance floor to the church choir loft and back again," states Brian Forest, VP of G-Man Music & Radical Radio, the commercial production company headed by Scott G, who records as The G-Man.

Dance rhythms are not unusual for artists on Delvian Records, the label that is releasing the "Sonic Tonic" album in stores and on iTunes, but the songs on this new recording cover a wide-ranging auditory landscape.

"An insane choir is just part of the smashing, crashing, moody-groovy sounds on the 65-minute album." Forest stated. "Many musicians are commenting on the unique songs."

Classically-trained jazz pianist William Morosi says "the choir alternates between sympathetic keys and those that counter the synthesizers in the song. It's sometimes related tonally, sometimes not." The track is "like the ghosts of St. Benedict's monks getting down in the abbey," Morosi added.

Michael Jackson's recording engineer, Matt Forger, now a producer, also praised the song: "Your recording, 'Psycho Choir,' is a real trip through the Twilight Zone of trance. You're one crazy twisted psycho musician, masquerading as a mild mannered ad man."

The sounds of the choral group "were played through a guitar synthesizer," G-Man stated, "so I could turn the choir into an unearthly whoosh by sliding my hand on the fretboard."

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