Boots say that when it comes to healthcare Brits want to keep private

From: Boots
Published: Tue Apr 08 2008

According to there has been a surge in Brits turning to 'private' health care, with people going online to check out embarrassing conditions. According to new research* by the Boots’ health information website ‘AskBoots’, the top five most researched conditions are:

- The menopause
- Thrush
- Cystitis
- Chlamydia
- Haemorrhoids

AskBoots found that three-quarters of respondents (76 per cent) have used the internet for a digital diagnosis, or ‘diginosis’ in the past six months. The ‘Silver Surfer’ generation are the biggest ‘cyberchondriacs’, with 32 per cent of over 55s regularly investigating their symptoms online.

Brits are so keen to keep it private that 48 per cent prefer to search in the privacy of their own homes. The survey also showed that almost half (40 per cent) of people say that they spend a significant amount of time looking for health information and news, close behind booking tickets online (44 per cent) and social networking (53 per cent).

Only five per cent of people looking for health information on the net go back to the same trusted site each time, whereas 55 per cent will read whatever sites are thrown up, regardless of whether the content is medically sound or not

Angela Chalmers, Boots pharmacist commented: "Make sure you look for health information only on a trusted site such as or, as there are lots of sites that aren’t medically sound. But don’t forget that in-store you can always ask to speak to a pharmacist in a private consultation area if you feel like everyone is listening." is a new health website launched by Boots in partnership with The BMJ Group in response to demand from customers for health information from a trusted source. It offers free access to over 180 different everyday conditions – credible, clinical evidence-based medical advice on subjects ranging from children’s sleep problems to coronary bypass operations, provided exclusively online by BMJ Group. The information is segmented into categories so that information relevant to age and lifestyle can be found easily.

*2295 respondents were polled as part of research carried out with OnePoll October 2007

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