Jo Malone launches the Kohdo Wood Fragrance Collection

From: Jo Malone
Published: Wed Apr 09 2008

The World of Jo Malone has announced the introduction of the Kohdo Wood Collection, two captivating fragrances created as a modern interpretation of an ancient Asian tradition. These two new Eastern scents are inspired by the ancient Japanese incense ceremony of Kohdo where emotions are influenced according to the different nature of scents.

Through a blend of mandarin, sacred lotus blossom, bamboo and aloeswood, Lotus Blossom & Water Lily - Kohdo Wood Day will encourage energy, inspire confidence and focus the mind, making it a perfect fragrance to use throughout the day.

Mandarin has a vibrant and lively nature, referred to as the little heart of the sun, it’s thought to shed light on the drudgeries of the everyday and encourage a sense of joy. The nature of the sacred lotus blossom, meanwhile, is serene and spiritual, representing the dawning of a new day. Bamboo offers strength and grace, a symbol of longevity and the path towards enlightenment, and aloeswood, whose character is refined and rich, is believed to impart both mental and physical benefits to balance the mind and body.

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily - Kohdo Wood Night holds a combination of cardamom, orchid and kyara wood designed to cleanse the senses and encourage calmness, relaxation and positive thought, making it the perfect scent to use from early evening through to night.

Originally used as a perfume in ancient times, black cardamom has an aromatic and smoky nature, with an air of unmistakably clean sensuality. The orchid, a magnificent flower, carries a universal message of beauty and wisdom. An exotic and exquisite combination, this dark and sensual mix of ingredients signifies refinement and perfection, bringing the essence of evening to this night scent. As a base for incense, kyara wood is held in the highest regard. Prized for its rarity and richness, its character embodies the true historical and cultural significance of the Kohdo ceremony. With its deep, dark and rich nature, kyara wood has a resinous quality that’s both relaxing and stimulating, an essence that’s said to be appropriate for meditation or celebration.

Both fragrances from the Kohdo Wood Collection can also be combined to envelop the senses in a calming energy, just like the original Kohdo ceremony.

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