GenuineDocs launches of an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

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Published: Wed Aug 14 2013

GenuineDocs Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of a crowd funding campaign aiming to raise $100,000. The campaign will run from August 3th to September 12th, 2013.

The funds raised in this campaign will go to the marketing of this new document security tool and help spread the adoption of this bullet-proof anti-tampering solution.

Genuinedocs provides web-based authentication services and diploma fraud countermeasure solutions targeted to universities and colleges across North America. Genuinedocs acts as an authentication registry and custodian of an exact electronic copy of the original parchment.

Our mission is to provide a simple and easy way to authenticate documents instantly without hindrance, delays or red tape. Our aim is to enhance confidence in document security with maximum assurance for holders and users anytime, anywhere.

Our objective is to deliver an additional layer of diploma security that is completely detached from the hard copies. The solution will act as an anti-tampering and anti-fraud counter-measure. It will protect the integrity of any document in time and space.


Diploma fraud has been rampant, border less and a serious issue for a number of years. There is a multitude of providers that will sell you a diploma of your choosing for less than 100$. This is not fair to all others who earned their degrees the old fashioned way at great sacrifice and expense.

The proliferation of websites selling "novelty diplomas" of reputed institutions has made credentials fraud very easy and widespread. Document tampering and reproduction is increasingly difficult to detect. Most of the time, credentials fraud is uncovered after the fact. Prevention is the best solution. We need innovative solutions to counter diploma fraud.

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Contact: Hatem Soltani, 416-885-0415

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GenuineDocs Ltd. is a world leader in document fraud counter measures and document security. It is the pioneer of documents authentication over the internet. Through its state-of-the-art technology, the company delivers an additional layer of document security completely detached from the hard copies. The technology protects the integrity of any document in time and space. It is delivered 24/7 around the world through its global IT network. For further information on GenuineDocs, visit

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