A New Vision For Desi Music

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Published: Wed Mar 30 2005

Vision MC is the hottest new rapper to step out of Canada. Already the most talked about talent, Vision MC (a.k.a. Ricky Rye) is set to drop his 1st album in the UK titled "Visions of the Homeland".

One of the most diverse MC's in the game, Ricky plans on touching the public and media in recognizing his musical talents.Having started MC’in from the age of 14, he has already recorded 8 audio cassettes and a host of videos.

Ricky demonstrates his terrific rapping skills and his crisp lyrics in songs like "Jaan" and "Mrs Keeper" (available to listen in the ‘audio clips section’).

There is no doubt that the Vision MC will get signed up with one of the major record labels in the UK - it’s just a matter of time.

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Also visit the official Vision MC site: www.thevisionmc.com
Company: http://www.desi-talent.co.uk/unsigned/vision_mc.html
Contact Name: Jay
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Contact Phone: 07812387117

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