Ailola Buenos Aires Spanish School Website Reopens

From: Ailola Buenos Aires
Published: Tue Oct 22 2013

The Ailola Buenos Aires Spanish School has just reopened its brand-new website to promote itself better towards foreign students in Europe and North America, the main target group of the school. Founded in 2005, Ailola Buenos Aires is looking to take on more students at any time.

Located a short distance away from the A and B entrances of the Buenos Aires underground, the school is situated in the heart of Argentina's capital in the historic building "Palacio Barolo". The location places it close coffee shops, restaurants, government buildings such as the Congress, and many other tourist attractions to entertain students while they live and study in Buenos Aires. The school offers Skype sessions to prospective students to ensure that both the student and school are compatible for one another, as well as to answer any lingering questions the student may have.

Ailola Buenos Aires provides the chance for immersion by letting students speak with native Argentines and hear what Spanish is meant to sound like. There are also free conversation clubs, extracurricular activities to further the student's learning, and language levels based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. No matter a student's fluency level, there is a class designed to help them progress further. A diverse mix of students from all nationalities and ethnic backgrounds means no one feels left out, and the school does not discriminate based on any criteria.

Students that complete the course are awarded the Ailola Lingua certificate certifying that they have reached completion in the course and that they have attained a specific fluency level. This certification is useful for finding work in organizations that require specific fluency levels.

To contact Ailola Buenos Aires and find out more, visit the website at A contact form there will put any interested students in touch with who they need to speak with for more information or to find out how to apply.

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