Controversial new CLAMP ALERT APP

Published: Sun Nov 24 2013

The concept is simple; we want to create a Clamp Alert Community, where users can help each other to avoid parking tickets and clamping.

The App functionality is two fold, firstly you can set your app to park, and this will tag your GEO location. (Your park is now set)

Secondly other Clamp Alert users, when they see clampers or parking wardens can open the app and hit "report", this will then send immediate notifications to people who have set the clamp alert app to park, in that location.

It can potentially save us all a tremendous amount of heartbreak and money over many years from unfair clamping or sneaky parking tickets.

Clamp Alert will be available on Appleā€™s AppStore and Androids Google Play Store on Friday November 29th, 2013. We hope you will all join The Clamp Alert Community.

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