Finespun Takes National Radio By Storm!

From: Finespun Music
Published: Thu Mar 31 2005

New York, NY--March 30, 2005--The problem with the music industry is that there are not enough bands like Finespun. These four gentlemen exploit every possible opportunity that comes their way. They are beginning to see the fruits of their own efforts. Finespun is currently involved with a major commercial radio campaign.

The band is taking a stab at a six-week campaign solely funded on their own dollar. Demonstrating not only faith in their own project but a true understanding of what it takes to develop their careers. The campaign is proving successful as the boys are currently being spun nationally. Their radio campaign is reaching stations from the East coast to the West coast and in between. Finespun will again capitalize on opportunities by touring in support of their radio success.

They are regulars at clubs in the northeast such as Arlene's Grocery, The Alphabet Lounge, The Downtown and Acme. Along with landing themselves opening spots for Gilby Clarke (formerly of Guns 'N Roses), The London Quireboys, Hookah Brown (Black Crowe’s) and Kings X. While on tour, they have played clubs from New York to Austin and in between. In addition, they have received invitations to both SXSW and 2NMC. Because of this exposure and their continued popularity, Coca-Cola’s New Music Awards (2002) have chosen them as one of the top fifty bands in the country.

This New York based quartet is comprised of members Oren Barak (vocals, guitars), Shawn Johnston (guitars), Phil Pesiri (bass), and Ed Grazi (drums) and is without a doubt a band to watch not only within the New York City circuit but also throughout the nation. Finespun generates much of its stage presence and studio creativity through a sense of respect for musical inspiration.

Since their inception five years ago all original members remain. This is truly a feat for many bands in this day and age. There is no turning back for Finespun. This band has a mission and that is to play their music as a living. Oren Barak (vocals and guitar) sums it up, "we’ve all dumped our life’s blood into this band. This is all we want and there is no alternative." When asked about the opportunities that are present for musicians Ed Grazi (drums) mentions, "independent artists get so much more assistance these days because of online services. There are so many more resources to embrace and exploit. You just have to get out there and do it."

"Every once in a while, a band that is totally different than my stream of consciousness will make its way onto my radar. Finespun is one of these bands."

-Aly Walansky



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