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From: Medicortex USA Ltd.
Published: Fri Feb 28 2014

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is perhaps the most devastating physical trauma that the body can sustain, because TBI induces a chemical cascade which, if not halted, inexorably causes neurodegeneration. This process can last for weeks and even years, leading to TBI victims losing more and more of their physical and mental faculties. Thus, even when TBI does not immediately result in death, the long term effects can be devastating, both for the victim and for their family. Extended hospitalizations are common, and often there is a need for rehabilitation, on-going treatment and care, and even welfare services. As such, TBI represents not only a medical concern, but also a huge economic burden worldwide. Moreover, with ever growing numbers of people around the world driving cars, participating in dangerous sports, fighting in wars, and even just living longer, the incidence of TBI is increasing rapidly. Yet despite the tremendous need for an effective TBI treatment, there is currently no drug available to address the progression of the secondary injury upon TBI. MediCortex USA is working on just such a treatment.
Dr. Adrian Harel, MediCortex’s founder and CEO, stated: "At this year's conference, me and Dr. Ari Massoudi will present the development plan of our new drug candidates, which are aimed at moderating the effects of TBI. The company has designed three chemically verified proprietary NCE’s, each with properties for crossing the brain-blood-barrier, and possessing at least two neuroprotective functions, such as free metal ion binding, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, and/or anti-bacterial activity."

More about TBI
TBI is a complex condition, in which various biochemical pathways are impaired, thereby causing a multi-system neurodegenerative disorder. The complexity of TBI's effects is perhaps the reason that all clinical trials to date have failed to meet their endpoints, since all TBI compounds to date have been single-target drugs. It is estimated that the TBI therapeutics market will grow at 3.8% annually for the next 4 years, reaching $2 billion by 2017. According to the National Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are approximately two million TBI incidents in the US each year. Of these, an estimated 5% - 15% suffer from moderate to severe permanent brain impairment. Secondary brain injury in patients with severe or mild TBI occurs as a result of increased permeability of the neuronal membrane, followed by an excessive influx of metal ions and circulating free radicals. This causes a series of protein degradation cascades and oxidation, leading to widespread molecular damage and neuronal cell death. The outcomes of this chain of events include permanent disability and even death.

About Medicortex
Medicortex ( ) is an innovative, proof-of-concept biotechnology company developing breakthrough drug agents for the treatment of TBI, stroke, and other acute neurodegenerative conditions. The company's initial focus is on preventing secondary brain injury in TBI, a complex process caused by the multiplex biochemical changes which occur upon the primary injury. MediCortex's unique neuroprotective strategy is to introduce a multi-functional compound that addresses several biochemical and physiological pathways simultaneously. MediCortex is a privately held company founded in 2011 by Dr. Adrian Harel, an experienced neurobiologist with a solid track record in business management and in the leadership of early-stage drug discovery companies. His collaboration with renowned experts in medical chemistry ensures the development of a successful pipeline of innovative molecules for the treatment of acute neurodegenerative disorders.

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