From: Project Remedies Inc.
Published: Mon Mar 17 2014

Cybersecurity is front and center in today’s security concerns for both business and government. Despite all this attention, incursions escalate and vulnerable targets remain at high risk. Responding to vulnerabilities and attacks as quickly as possible is a key to their successful remediation. With this in mind, Project Remedies Inc. announces the release of its new Cyber Action Manager™, which uses its workflow functionality to automatically notify key people of an issue or attack and manages the entire remediation process. It optimizes the time and people resources needed to remediate attacks and vulnerabilities, and provides senior management with unprecedented situational awareness.

Stan Feinstein, President of Project Remedies Inc. (PRI), points out that, "Success in Cybersecurity prevention, response, and remediation requires understanding the type of vulnerabilities and attacks that are happening, and managing the myriad of responses needed, which are usually lots of small tasks and projects. Cyber Action Manager™ rapidly converges project/task information into one location, so it that can readily be seen and acted on by everyone involved with each remediation effort. No more need to brief senior management every couple of hours. They can see for themselves."

"Lots of really good technology provide insights into the status of the IT infrastructure, but few are focused on the nuts and bolts of managing the fixes. Most remediation response efforts are managed as a ‘punch lists’ of actions, with lots of unstructured project management efforts behind the scenes. Little effort is spent on tracking the people resources doing the work and how long it actually takes. Cyber Action Manager™ simplifies the management of Cybersecurity events and incidents with coordinated response and remediation tasks /projects, providing standardized project plans, real-time insight into the staff available to work on each task, as well as visibility into the status of each task and project. It captures the metrics needed to improve response time."

"Managing incident response is a critical requirement of the new Federal Cybersecurity Framework, which provides Cybersecurity guidance for the government, as well as the public and private sector IT. Cyber Action Manager™ facilitates real-time knowledge sharing between fix teams and managers with recommendations for system policy changes, threat signatures, issues and fixes."

Cyber Action Manager™ takes advantage of PRI’ s ActionProgram Manager Plus ™ that utilizes as its engine, the ubiquitous BMC Software Remedy Action Request System. The Remedy Action Request System is used around the world as the Help Desk workhorse for managing service requests and is accessible by thousands of system managers and users. Feinstein points out, "Running on Remedy leverages existing investments in Remedy, which is smart in these tough budget times."

"Cyber Action Manager™ aggregates, prioritizes, builds mini project plans for each remediation incident, tasks the IT specialists making the fix, captures their status entries, and stores all this data in one location, "

Project Remedies Inc. was started in 1993 to support users of the BMC’s Remedy system. Very quickly, clients asked for Remedy-based project management functionality to handle complex requests, to manage all of these projects in one place and better understand what each person was doing. PRI has continued to expand on that original model to create its current suite of products, moving from helpdesk initiated project management to include program management, project portfolio management, project risk management, time and expense tracking across all Remedy tasks, and now cyber remediation management.

Built on the BMC Remedy engine, these products have great flexibility, simplified workflow and ease of integration. Since 2010 PRI products also interface with MS Project making it possible to share project management data across the BMC and MS Project platforms.

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