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From: Unit
Published: Tue Apr 08 2014

Often even smaller companies need web solutions that evolve along with the nature and complexity of their business.

Usually the first step is to create a simple web site that over time transforms into a proper web portal, which includes: internal search, discussion lists, blogs, content management system (CMS), news and web feeds. In addition, a web portal may include integrated web-applications such opinion surveys, catalog management and private resource administration for clients, orders, personal etc.

More and more companies are choosing Java as the best solution to manage and evolve their projects. Not only because Java meets business needs but also because it is technologically superior compared to other platforms like PHP or ASP.

With web-applications, websites and portals based on Java growing in importance, Java Hosting services and research for the best Java Hosting Java demand is expanding rapidly.
Undoubtedly having 64-bit server technology at our disposal makes the Java Hosting with 64-bit the best choice.

The 64-bit system provides double the amount of data processing and greater ability to access and manage the computer's memory than a 32-bit system.
For these reasons, the 64-bit version reduces the time of data processing and decreases the archiving process thanks to a greater number of those "?" in the Random Access Memory (RAM) rather than in the hard disk. The immediate result is program performance improvement.
The 64-bit version is the optimal choice for the research performance in large databases or running systems faster and handling more intensive processes when it is require.

Presently most of service providers still work with Tomcat and a 32-bit database on a 32-bit server; sometimes they use a 32-bit system on a 64-bit server, losing all its potential.

Unit Company is specialized in Java J2ee technologies. Their primary target is to offer the best Tomcat Java Hosting, completely based on the 64-bit system. Unit, through the website, offers reliable and guarantees services based on client needs, in addition to efficient client support.

In particular, the services available on are all running on a 64-bit Apache Tomcat 7 server, they perform on a 64-bit JVM version 7 with a database on 64-bit MySql 5.5 and they are on 64-bit server machines. Furthermore, Unit offers the possibility to connect the domains directly with the Java Hosting email, and the PHP 5 hosting with Asp.
For additional information and immediate contact, is available for live chat.

Signing up on, the Tomcat Java Hosting services are accessible for a seven day free trial without any further obligation. The procedure is described in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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