Great Fantasy Stories and Now A Fantasy Novel By D. J. Blount

From: D. J. Blount
Published: Tue Apr 15 2014

Despite the fact that we are in the 21stcentury and have left behind most of the superstitions and supernatural beliefs, there is still no dearth of people that likes to read fantasy stories and novels. A good number of people who are voracious readers opt for fantasy books of different kinds. At the same time with the change of tastes and preferences, the current trend in readers has taken a turn for reading ebook and stories online. Good news for such people is that not only the fantasy short stories but also the first fantasy novel written by one of the most sought after fantasy writers, D. J. Blount is now available online.

An African American writer of repute, D. J. Blount had a great fascination for story books form his childhood. As he grew up, his love for books enhanced and he was spending most of his times in reading books even at the age of 17. It was also the time when he started considering entering the creative world of writers. However, unlike many contemporary authors; he chose a novel subject for displaying his writing prowess; the theme of fantasy. His writing immediately caught the imagination of the readers and he became one of the most talked about writers of fantasy short stories. Scorn of Linux, Astrapeus and Stone Knights are a few of them.

"While writing those short stories it also occurred to him that he could transcribe his skills in the form of a fantasy novel. As planned out, he came up with his first fantasy novel that hit the market in the spring of 2014. He was so excited about the novel that he also decided to publish it as ebook besides the traditional print version as paperback and board bound volumes", comments a critic who has been following the creations of D.J. Blount from the inception.

The published author of several fantasy stories and now the novel as well has another love in his life too. When he is not involved in writing or reading he may be found watching his favorite football team, NY Giants on TV. Else he would be enjoying the rich culture and art of his hometown residence in Brooklyn, New York.
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