BitEnergi, Announces A Different Kind Of IPO, Powered By BitLeu!

From: BitEnergi
Published: Sat Apr 19 2014

BitEnergi Team seeks to raise an initial amount of capital from the marketplace and, as of now, we are going public with the offering.

What is different with our IPO offer? In a normal IPO, a company lists its securities on a public exchange and the money paid by the investing public for the newly issued shares goes directly to the company. An IPO, therefore, allows a company to tap into a wide pool of potential investors to provide itself with capital for future growth, repayment of debt, or working capital.

BitEnergi IPO will not sell unpredictable shares but palpable mahogany trees, thus transforming the first plantation from private into a public agricultural estate. The early investors will be able to buy a tree for 5,000 BitLeu cryptocurrency; BitEnergi will plant these trees and then return the coins at a rate of 5% per month.

Besides the usual advantages of owning mahogany trees, which Team considers to be a good asset, buying the BitLeu cryptocurrency will certainly lead to increase of its value. Even though BitLeu has an amount of premined coins, these will be used only for the development of BitEnergi projects and sustaining the coin and its users.

Teodor Miroslav Muntean, Eco Building Entrepreneur and Member of BitLeu Marketing Team states: "We, the development team, have spent a lot of time and money in order to come up on the market with BitLeu & BitEnergi project. We are determined to start the plantation even if the whole financial world will prove to become a failure in the future. Why not secure your crypto-currency in a fail-safe non-volatile commodity that, until proven safe to invest into, will guarantee your invested crypto-currency back in your wallet?"

For the start, in the initial offering, we will be selling the first batch of 5500 trees for the total price of 27,500,000 BTL which you will be able to buy by e-mailing us to secure a spot for yourself or you will be able to buy soon in our online store. Considering this a success, there will be follow-on offerings, which will guarantee an advantage to the customers of BitEnergi.

Daniel Crall, BitEnergi Philippines Operation Manager, declares: "Do not forget that this will be a real life endeavor that you can visit while having a vacation, take pictures, and share with other members on its private forum and also share to all your friends. It is the most feasible pension fund that will secure your future!"

Eco-friendly people have the possibility now to save the environment and secure their financial future by booking or buying mahogany trees from online store.

About BitEnergi: BitEnergi Philippines is on its process for the registration as a subsidiary of a legal financial consulting company - Capital Accent Ltd. UK - registered on January 2013, under Companies House #08369482.
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