Obama, CIA Tied to Mexican Drug Trafficking

From: Mexidiom.com
Published: Fri Jul 04 2014

* Excerpt from OAS Complaint -American Witness to Obama / CIA Organized
Crime Ties* Koch, Ross, Romney Cited...

My name is John Nagel, and until 2012, I lived as a "Gringo," or American
expatriate, in Mexico City for 18 years.

This is my story:

On June 12, I filed a complaint with the Organization of American
States (OAS) Human Rights Commission against the Government of the United

I allege that I met an Obama-connected, organized crime-affiliated American
banker in Mexico City in 2012 and, after trying to identify him by
searching for an online photograph, was subsequently threatened with
kidnapping by CIA "duty officers" at the U.S. Embassy and later with murder
on three separate occasions by presumed CIA agents at the Mexico City

It is worth noting that these threats at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City
took place while Hillary Clinton, likely candidate for the 2016
presidential election, was Secretary of State of the United States.

In addition, and even more shockingly, I allege that I was subjected to
psychological "no touch" torture using top secret technology in order to
turn me into a virtual "political prisoner" due to information I came to
possess about Obama and the CIA's involvement in the Mexican drug trade,
and to keep me silent about the Obama administration's organized crime ties
in the run-up to the 2012 election, and afterwards.

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