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Published: Wed Aug 06 2014

Persecuted Philosopher Releases Her 3 Debut Music Albums:


Broken Educator Renata Leuffen Launches Comeback As A Singer And Songwriter After 22 Years In Exile And Seclusion At Age 55

Previously featured by media groups like Axel Springer, Burda Media and RTL Television with extensive coverage in national and international women’s magazines, newspapers and on radio and TV news and talk shows, Who’s Who listed Philosopher, Writer And Educator Renata Leuffen starts a singing and songwriting career to transform society, to prepare humanity for the space age and eternity and to create a global movement for justice,love, peace and freedom.
Renata Leuffen’s innovative music presents a style that is a mixture of Bob Dylan, John Mayall,Tina Turner,Cher,Steven Spielberg and Mel Gibson.
Renata Leuffen is available for radio,TV, print and online media interviews. 80 Pictures of Renata Leuffen are freely available to the media at
New Singer And Songwriter Renata Leuffen Wants To Create A Humane Society And To Prepare Humanity For Eternity
London,England – Persecuted Who’s Who listed Philosopher, Writer and Educator Renata Leuffen who has been living in exile in London since 1992 decided to take up the pen and word again during traumatic moments when she experienced a supernatural vision with abused dead women and saw humanity going the wrong way while she was sexually harassed and discriminated at software giant SAP.
She wrote the book "The SAP Stress Sex Interview" which is available on Amazon and in all bookstores,to heal and cope with what she describes as "the most degrading moments of my life." The first chapter of the SAP book can be read on her website at
She plans to make a Hollywood movie out of this story of female pain.
She has also published "My Child,You Died.But Mum,I Am Alive" (Poetry) and republished " "A Bunch Of Life" (Poetry) and "Living Naturally Without School" (Education), all available on Amazon.

The trauma at SAP led Renata Leuffen also to start a new career as a singer and songwriter in March 2014 to express her feelings and share the love of God, supernatural stories and revelations, teachings and new ideas for the progress and advancement of humanity.
She has just released her 3 Debut Albums "I GROW LOVE", "IT IS TIME TO MAKE LOVE" and "HAPPY BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME TOO MUCH".
The love and social songs of the 3 albums are available for free listening at
Renata Leuffen is the CEO and Founder of Renata Leuffen Corporation and the London Youth Express.
All of Renata Leuffen’s songs are on video and can be watched on the Renata Leuffen Corporation Video Channel at
The Renata Leuffen Corporation Video Channel has currently 1206 subscribers and the London Youth Express Video Channel (
has currently 1043 subscribers.
The music albums are available for sale on Amazon and iTunes and all other outlets.

All current songs of the currently independent Singer are unrehearsed and incorporate nature and natural sounds in beautiful sceneries.
Renata Leuffen is the first Singer ever to have recorded religious and worship songs in sexy lingerie.
Her songs are deep,spiritual,emotional,romantic and about love,sexual abuse, children, pain,eternity,ideals,God,social injustice and very encouraging,motivating and entertaining.
Renata Leuffen is the first Singer ever to have cried unrestrained in recorded songs,and that’s in her song "Crying About A Whole Generation That Is Lost" and "I Want To Ask Some Uncomfortable Questions".

Renata Leuffen lives in the Supernatural and wants to be the symbol of an entire generation that stands for justice,love,peace and freedom. "I want to infuse the Earth with justice,peace,love and freedom",says the Singer who lives a very healthy lifestyle and cycles and swims every day and yet has to cope in between with suicide thoughts because of her difficult life circumstances.
"I hear a cry for justice all over the world and I feel that people,especially the younger generation,want love and peace" says the visionary Singer.
The supernatural presence of God can be literally physically felt in her songs and dances like the song "I GROW LOVE" which was first played by Indie Radio in New York to its over 300,000 listerners.
Renata Leuffen’s tweets are frequently retweeted and she is regularly mentioned on Twitter. Renata Leuffen Corporation has currently 36,300 followers on Twitter ( and the London Youth Express 13,400 (
Articles on educational reform by Renata Leuffen can be read at

"I sing to heal myself and people and the world",says the Singer who is totally broken and experienced a life of tragedies: her wealthy natural father died when she was a baby,her stepfather abused her verbally and emotionally,her mother became a professional prostitute,she was forced to work as a prostitute for some time,she was raped by a male friend and also by a female lesbian friend,she became briefly an alcoholic and a drug dealer and sniffed heroin and smoked marijuana,she suffers from a male rejection issue and exprienced so far only abusive and negative relationshis with men and is in therapy,she emigrated to Los Angeles to write movie scripts but became pregnant and returned to Germany,she wanted to educate her son Danny at home but was termed a criminal and had all her parental rights taken away,she lost all her possessions and fled to London in 1992,her son died at the age of only 27 on the 8th June 2011 in his sleep,she was sexually harassed and discriminated by a former Member of the SAP UK Executive Team in June 2013 and SAP denied the accusation and protected and promoted the married man. The matter is currently with the Employment Appeals Tribunal in London
Renata Leuffen’s work consists of 5 categories: songs,dances,talks/speeches,teachings and writings.
She is also a Public Protest Artist and plans to restart her campaigns. Planned are a Protest Action in Berlin in 2015 around the German Parliament against Human Rights Violations in Germany ,especially the persecution of parents who want to educate their children at home in accordance with the First German Consitution which expressly permitted this. The Berlin Protest is to optically transform the area around the German Parliament and to deliver a record in city transformation for the Guiness Book of Records. Another Protest Event is planned for 2015 to be held around the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to protest against the role that the Court currently plays in reducing the rights and freedoms of the people in the European Union and the exceedingly high number of rejections of just cases and causes by the judges who seem to tend to favor the governments over the people.

Renata Leuffen is CEO and Founder of 2 companies (and wants to found more): Renata Leuffen Corporation ( and the London Youth Express (
Renata Leuffen Corporation works for the Renewal of the Education System, Governments, Corporations and Individuals and the Transformation of Cities and Nations and plans to work with the UN and the Council of Europe and policy makers,politicians and the media to channel new ideas and concepts to advance humanity and to create spiritual awareness and the most prosperous society that this world has ever seen and world peace.
The London Youth Express works to set our youth free and to help them to express themselves and to make our cities safe and good places for all children. The first vision is to transform the City of London and to initiate projects for homeless and unemployed young people and to work for the establishment of a gigantic Youth Centre which is to become a national and international cultural and social hub. "The first Philosopher, and he is from Vienna in Austria,has already agreed to come to London and to speak to the youth" says the Philosopher and Singer who is determined to change the world.
It is planned to open an office in Los Angeles,California,because Renata Leuffen wants to branch out into movie production and she has already 2 ideas for 2 great movies.

Renata Leuffen is available for radio, TV, print and online media interviews.
80 Pictures of Renata Leuffen are freely available to the media at

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The Symbol Of An Entire Generation For Justice, Love, Peace And Freedom

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