Worry Chest Launches its Interactive Stress Management Tool and Helps Children Cope with Back-to-Sch

From: The Worry Chest LLC
Published: Tue Aug 26 2014

Back to school and the stress that accompanies this time of year can be paralyzing for many children.
The Worry Chest has launched its interactive product to help children and their parents manage the child’s stress and anxiety.

The new school year brings a new teacher, new classmates and unfortunately new reasons to worry. Many of us grownups can think upon our own past experiences in our school days that still make us cringe decades later. The Worry Chest is a web-based product that emphasizes ease-of-use for children between the ages of 5 and 12. In addition to children and parents, the Worry Chest can be incorporated into various programs administered by child psychologists, family therapists, social workers, teachers and guidance counselors.

"I was bullied on a constant basis. Being thin, shy and lacking confidence, I was an easy target." says Howie Abraham, founder. "For me, back to school was a nightmare. I was always extremely fearful and depressed when a new school year started, and I never told anyone how I was feeling because I just didn’t know how to. Eventually school was so stressful that I dropped out. It doesn’t have to be this way for children."

One main feature of The Worry Chest is that it opens the door of communication between parent (or caregiver) and child. This benefit alone can make an incredible difference in a child’s life. Communicating a worry is critical so that problems are addressed before they snowball into stress and anxiety. The tools of the program are easily learned and can many times provide immediate benefits.

Diane Schneider is a Health Educator who is one of a handful of teachers who completed the only skill-based health curriculum in New York State, as well as being part of the Health Leadership team and a member of the NYS Academy for Teaching and Learning. She is immersed in teaching teachers, not only for her teacher's center but for online courses offered throughout the country.
In her words, "The Worry Chest is a wonderful tool that will allay feelings associated with anxiety and fear. This system helps children and their families to work out all their fears and worries before they turn into full blown stressful anxieties."

The Worry Chest has been awarded a grant from New York State, and has been the recipient of six awards, including being listed in Dr. Toy’s 100 best children’s products.

More information about The Worry Chest can be viewed at www.theworrychest.com
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